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    ETC: How Ford's light lab keeps the sun shining on the new Mustang just right [w/video]

    Anyone who's bought one of those old school metal shift knobs knows they're really cool until they sit in a parking lot in the sun for a few hours. Then they're not cool at all. Likewise, features such as the aluminum dash on the 2015 Ford Mustang can be all kinds of neat right up until the sun ...

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    Exclusive: Spherical drive motorcycle being developed by engineering students [w/video]

    A group of engineering students at San Jose University have cooked up an ambitious senior project. Max Ratner, Henry Li and Andrew Parmar came up with the concept of applying an omnidirectional drive system to the motorcycle world during a brainstorming session a little over a year ago. ...

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    Official: VW invests $27M into new California R&D center

    Volkswagen has spent another $27 million of the $4 billion it has earmarked to advance its plans for U.S. market growth. The money went toward a 64,000-square-foot development and emissions lab called the Test Center California in Oxnard, about 45 miles north of Los Angeles. There, 50 permanent ...

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    Report: Chrysler restarts engineering program at Kettering University

    Chrysler is re-establishing a partnership with Kettering University in Flint, Michigan, for students in the automotive engineering program. This relationship was put on hold in 2008 when the automaker began its financial crisis. Kettering's co-op program is a five-year-long process in which ...

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    Teaching kids how to steal cars is a good idea

    A recent workshop in Los Angeles offers something special for interested children: a class on the mechanics of car theft. Created by the non-profit organization Machine Project, the workshop is entitled "The Good Kids' Guide to Being a Bit Bad: Cars edition." It covers the topics of hot wiring, ...

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    Modena university names engineering faculty after Enzo Ferrari

    Hoping to land a job at Ferrari after graduation? The company's been known to recruit straight out of college, but your best bet may be to enroll at the Enzo Ferrari Faculty of Engineering at the University of Modena e Reggio Emilia. The Italian automaker has been fostering closer and closer ...

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    Video: Chevy serves up super slo-mo testing footage

    Chevy's Dept. 180 slo-mo footage – Click above to watch video after the jump
    Chevrolet's Dept. 180 video series follows Bowtie engineers as they test the quality of the brand's vehicles by taking extreme measures, and there are some pretty interesting behind-the-scenes tidbits that make a ...

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    Report: Industry facing shortage of EV engineers

    It was to be expected, but the rapidly changing auto industry is experiencing a shortage of mechatronic engineers to assist with the development of EV cars and systems. As it is, there are plenty of electrical engineers and mechanical engineers, but those who are adept at integrating mechanics ...

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    VIDEO: What goes into German engineering - Audi's TechDay Quality

    Audi's TechDay Quality philosophy -- Click above to watch video
    Why are German luxury cars so expensive? Because of German engineering. And what is this whole "German engineering" thing all about? That's the question Audi tries to explain once a year when it takes outsiders through its quality ...

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    One MPG is not enough: Automakers desperate to make a gallon go further

    If anyone were to come along and do an updated version of Dire Straits' "Money for Nothing," the could change the background vocal from "I want my MTV" to "I want my MPG" or "I want my low Cd." Coefficient of drag, that is. Carmakers are taking every step they can, starting with aerodynamics, to ...

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    Nissan using special suit to simulate elderly drivers

    Much like the automotive crash test industry utilizes "dummies" of different statures and body weights to simulate different passenger types, Nissan engineers have developed a special suit to "simulate" the elderly. Nissan went to all this trouble because it anticipates that Baby Boomers will soon ...

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    Chameleon A8 - an Audi that drives like an Elise, GTI, Getz and E-Class!

    Audi has seen the future, and the future is exciting; at least in Ingolstadt. Engineers at Audi have cooked up the automotive equivalent of the Focusrite Liquid Mix. An A8L has been pressed into service as the basis for Audi's emulator, having been modified with extra hydraulics, an active steering ...

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    VIDEO: Step inside BMW's F1 wind tunnel

    Fun though it may be, racing is still an applied science. Perhaps this is most evident in the tech heavy F1 cars. BMW uses a very trick wind tunnel to test their Sauber F1 car in virtually all dynamic conditions to ensure that the aerodynamics give the desired result. This video has a bit of a ...

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    BMW mulls selling engines to other automakers

    Don't go getting too excited, it probably won't mean a crate version of the S65 or N54 for Roundel fans. Running an automaker is expensive, especially a manufacturer that leans more toward niche status than casting a wide net. BMW is looking at all options for future revenue, and one of the ...

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    Autoblog Podcast #65

    We're punchy for this one (just check out our outtakes at the end, even better than last time!). We start off with a lively debate over Hyundai's rumored full-size RWD truck on the BH platform and whether it will be good or bad. No consenus was reached, but it will be exciting to see if Hyundai can ...

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    SPY SHOTS: Charger/Challenger Chimera

    Nose-grafting with common-platform cars is always fun. You could put an '84 LTD front clip on your Fox-body Mustang if you wanted to. While that would look, ahem, unique - this Charger has had a face transplant in the name of science. The long-lensers at KGP spotted this modified LX running around ...

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    GM needs engineers to develop advanced powertrains!

    With all the attention that General Motors has gotten since the introduction of the Chevy Volt concept in January at the Detroit Auto Show, they have decided that they need to actually do more work in the area. So now they're looking for up to 400 engineers and technicians to help them develop ...

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    VIDEO: Lightweight Prius

    The engineers over at Automotive DesignLine have performed some modifications to a Prius, adding lightness. Actually, it's more of a dissection, but it's interesting to see the stripping-down of the Hybrid's Hybrid. This disassembly wasn't just for kicks; the car was taken apart ahead of its ...

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    Volvo, Ford to help out with Aston's Rapide

    This is cooler than the Marcos. Aston Martin is calling on Volvo's formidable safety expertise to help develop the forthcoming Rapide. Volvo's safety systems will be integrated into the new four-door Aston, which means we should look to see an active stability control system and possibly some of ...

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    Lotus develops integrated exhaust manifold

    Lotus, the company that made its name on "adding lightness" and clever engineering, is at it again. This time, it's the engineering wing of the Group Lotus concern. Lotus's efforts have been directed at banishing seperate exhaust manifolds. We groaned when we heard the news, and assumed it to be a ...


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