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    Official: Ford wins second consecutive Engine of the Year with 1.0L EcoBoost [UPDATE]

    For the second year in a row, Ford has taken top honors in International Engine of the Year voting. As was the case last year, it is Ford's 1.0-liter EcoBoost engine that earns the automaker the accolade, achieving the highest-ever accumulated score in the 15 years that the award has been handed ...

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    Official: Ford, Ferrari and BMW clean up at 2012 International Engine of the Year Awards

    Ford has won the International Engine of the Year Award for its 1.0-liter EcoBoost turbocharged three cylinder. The award was handed out at the Engine Expo in Stuttgart, Germany. This is Ford's first outright victory from the panel, which consists of journalists from around the globe. This is ...

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    VW 1.4-liter Twincharger wins 2009 International Engine of the Year

    What qualities are required for an engine to be considered the best-of-the-best in today's world? Naturally, any given engine needs to make enough power for its intended application, but fuel efficiency is just as important in modern society. This being the case, it's not terribly surprising that ...

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    2008 International Engine of the Year awards announced...

    And the grand winner is not surprisingly an engine from BMW, just like it has been for the last three years going back to 2005. The Bavarian automaker's 5.0L V10 won the award that year and in 2006, and BMW's luscious 3.0L twin-turbo inline six-cylinder engine won it in 2007 and has repeated its ...

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    BMW wins third International Engine of the Year Award in a row

    There is no question that BMW has some serious engine technology in its arsenal, and now those engines have more awards to show just how good they really are. BMW has won its third consecutive International Engine of the Year award, due this time to the incredible twin-turbo 3.0L inline six that ...

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    Volkswagen Twincharger TSI voted "Best New Engine of 2006"

    Volkswagen's innovative marriage of a supercharger and a turbocharger on the same 1.4-liter engine gained the automaker two prizes (one for each induction system?) at the "International Engine of the Year Awards 2006" - "Best Engine, 1-liter to 1.4-liter category", and "Best New Engine of ...


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