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A judge raised the award from $12 million.

A legal wrangle erupts between the two autonomous tech companies.

Engadget shakes down the new Zero Touch with Alexa support.

It's launching in several cities in India.

The sound of the game that consumed much of our youth is back.

One outfit is even calling for a 50-year moratorium.

Yes, there's a real chance you wouldn't even be alive to see the day when driverless rides hit New York roads.

That's according to a new set of 'Community Guidelines.'

Rules for life in the back seat.

Your next EV won't need a clutch

The future of the stick shift is already written.

We can't wait to see this car in the flesh.

Project Titan faces a 2017 deadline, or else.

Another milestone on the autonomous road.

Finally, there's going to be some rules. Or at least strong suggestions.

BMW might make an electric Mini and/or 3 Series.

Historic trainmaker invests in future product.

Uber notches a big milestone in the Big Apple.

Google Maps shows you the hot spots.

Project Titan is reportedly delayed a year, though the plan is still shrouded in secrecy.

F1 2016 gets a slew of upgrades in a bid to make the racing experience as realistic as possible.

Governments may be racing to approve self-driving car tests on their roads, but that doesn't mean that companies will always line up.

And it only requires the processing power of a Raspberry Pi.

If you didn't think AI was scary, this report of a computer beating one of the US Air Force's top air combat instructors, will change your mind.

UberRush went live in three US cities this week. Here's what it means.

Faraday Future wants to conduct tests in the backyard of the Big 3.

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