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    Buh-bye: Chrysler PT Cruiser Convertible ends production

    There were no eulogies. No bagpipes were played or honor-guard gunshots fired. Few paid any notice, but on December 21, the Chrysler PT Cruiser Convertible passed quietly into the night and was buried. And we doubt many will miss it. The axing of the ragtop PT is part of the phasing-out of ...

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    Goodbye, Chrysler Crossfire

    The Chrysler Crossfire was one of those unfortunate exercises in style-over-substance. What's worse is that its style was somewhat questionable, garnering reactions from "oh, that's interesting" to "make it stop, please make it stop". Well, Chrysler finally listened to the latter, and here at ...

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    RIP: Buick Rainier

    As General Motors refines the future of their brands, they're trimming out redundancy and we have a hard time coming up with a more redundant vehicle than the multitude of GMT 360 based 'utes across all the GM brands. The Buick Rainier is one version of this ubiquitous platform that no longer has ...

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    Lights out: Production ends for Ford Freestar

    Thank God it's over. Goodbye Freestar, you won't be missed. Ford has turned out its last head-gasket-consuming, transmission-torturing, flaccid minivan. It was a good try twelve years ago when it debuted as the Windstar, but time has not been kind to Ford's efforts. Moreover, Ford was not kind to ...


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