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21EMW's JuiceBox Level 2 Charger a hit on Kickstarter for just $109

Plug In America worked hard to keep the federal infrastructure tax credit for EV charge stations active through 2013, but when the price of a home charger drops to $109, a 30-percent credit isn't that big of a deal. Sure, there are a lot of caveats here, but the cost of getting your home ready to charge your EV is certainly dropping.

AddEuropean Mobilty week promotes mass transit

The European Mobility Week is an event held in Europe to promote the use of public transport. The goal is to convince motorists to switch their cars and motorbikes for buses, trains, trams, subways and bicycles. Usually, participating cities prepare a set of activities, but this year France decided to push the idea nationwide. This means that up to 110 public transport networks will work together on September 17th to provide unlimited public transport for €1. For the sake of comparison, a s

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