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Apparently, the range anxiety meme isn't enough. The latest anti-electric vehicle (EV) topic to make a comeback is that EVs might give you cancer (previous post). Writing in Slate, Matthew DeBord calls back the potential threat posed by electromagnetic fields (EMF) in electric cars. The title of his post? "Do Electric Cars Cause Cancer?"

Whenever electrical current flows through a conductor, an electromagnetic field is induced around that conductor. For many years, some people have been claiming that these electromagnetic fields cause all manner of physical maladies. This is, of course, a highly dubious prospect since the humans are constantly being bombarded by electromagnetic radiation from space as well as from within the earth. In recent years WiFi routers and electrical transmission lines have been commonly accused of causi

"Yikes! What are you even talking about? I only wanted a hybrid, not cancer!", you might be thinking to yourself after reading the headline. Well relax, it's probably nothing. But apparently in addition to being a danger to blind pedestrians, the hybrid car is now being looked at askance by some people because of the electromagnetic field (EMF) it produces. Are we serious? Well, no less than the New York Times brought it up in its Sunday edition.

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