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    Video: New Ford Police Interceptor tech protects cops' backsides

    It was only a matter of time before law enforcement agencies would realize the potential of driver-assist technology for use in their Ford Police Interceptors, and, now that they have, those back-up cameras and radar systems won't be used just for parking, but for security, as well. The ...

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    Official: How Mercedes is using QR codes to help accident victims

    Mercedes-Benz is working on a system that may help emergency workers quickly and safely rescue trapped occupants in wrecked vehicles. The system pairs rescue sheets that show firefighters, police and paramedics information on exactly how and where to use rescue sheers to extract trapped ...

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    Uncle Sam's shopping list for government fleets

    Edmunds has taken a closer look at which vehicles are most heavily favored by the federal government by evaluating percentage of model sales in 2011. Not surprisingly the Chevrolet Caprice topped off the list with a whopping 79.2 percent of sales going to government agencies, while the ...

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    Official: Volkswagen presents new Sharanbulance at RETTmobil emergency vehicles expo

    What you see here is an ambulance. It's based on the Sharan, a van Volkswagen offers in certain overseas markets. We shall therefore call it the Sharanbulance. The Sharanbulance was recently unveiled at the 2012 RETTmobil emergency vehicles show in Fulda, Germany, by Volkswagen ...

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    Video: First responders learn EV rescue techniques on Chevy Volt

    Click above to watch the video after the jump
    While a vocal gaggle of Birkenstock-wearing tree-huggers might be rambling on about how we need to replace the internal combustion engine overnight with EVs, we know that phasing out the automobile as we know them just isn't that simple. Among the ...

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    "Crash tax" bill sent to man after minor accident - you could get one too

    If you are involved in or are a witness to an accident, what's the first thing you should do? Call #911, right? While we're certainly not advising against using the emergency service, making that call may wind up being rather costly to either yourself or the victim. Proof of such can be seen in ...

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    Alabama Slammer: Seized Porsche 911 becomes newest member of Hoover PD

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the Hoover P.D. Porsche
    In a twist on the great circle of life, a motorist has his Porsche 911 searched during a traffic stop by Hoover, Alabama police, and they find 10 kilos of cocaine in two hidden compartments. The case traipses through the court system ...

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    VIDEO: French motorcycle cop training is not easy, but looks fun

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    Spend some time in France and you would naturally assume that the police are just as relaxed as the rest of society. However, have a look at the video after the jump and you'll see that it requires strenuous training to look so calm. French motorcycle ...

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    Bertone's emergency plan expected today

    Bertone has landed in some very hot water and is facing Italian bankruptcy court within a week. The courts in Turin seem to think that the best thing for the company's 1,300 employees would be for it to shut down and go into bankruptcy protection. But before it draws its last breath, the famous ...

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    Dunhill kit comes through stylishly in a pinch

    Responsible drivers usually keep the same few things in their trunk in case of an emergency: a set of jumper cables, a flashlight and some road flares. (What, you don't?) The trouble is, for the style-conscious motorist, that the cardboard box or egg crate in which this emergency equipment is held ...

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    Survive in your car for just $25

    We've never had the pleasure of being stranded in our cars, relying on our dormant Order of the Arrow skills. Turns out, though, you only need $25 to ensure your co-pilot doesn't turn into a giant pot roast before your eyes. The resourceful folks over at Backwoods Home have given considerable ...


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