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    Report: Infiniti hybrid sports car coming by 2016 after all?

    Infiniti makes plenty of good cars, crossovers and SUVs. The premium Japanese brand also has a well-defined presence in racing on the world's largest stage in the form of a partnership with Red Bull in Formula 1. What Infiniti doesn't have, though, is a range-topping halo car. A report from ...

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    Report: Lotus could build production versions of Renault Alpine, Infiniti Emerg-E

    As with one of those blockbuster three-team NBA trades that actually improves the fortunes of every team involved, a report in Autocar indicates that Renault, Infiniti and Lotus are in talks that could benefit both manufacturers and enthusiasts. Renault is considering a production version of the ...

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    Report: Infiniti still wants halo car, GT-R variant ruled out

    Take a good look at the lineup of cars at Infiniti. Notice anything interesting? We see sedans of multiple shapes and sizes, wagon-like crossovers, a hybrid and even a massive SUV, which is the most expensive machine the company has on offer. What we don't see, though, is a clear ...

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    Rumormill: Nissan Leaf-based Infiniti concept car headed to New York

    The all-electric Leaf hasn't exactly set the sales charts ablaze since it hit the market, but it has succeeded in delivering a zero-emissions halo to the Nissan brand, and the model's fortunes are poised to improve now that it's a 50-state offering. What's more, reports that ...

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    Geneva: Infiniti Emerg-E sizzles in Switzerland

    Infiniti continues to openly toy with the idea of producing a racy luxury sports coupe, following on the heels of 2009's Geneva Motor Show star, the Essence concept. This year, Infiniti has gone in a more overtly sporting direction with this hot little number, the Emerg-E. Fortunately, this ...

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    Breaking: Infiniti Emerg-E electric supercar looks sex-E in official pics

    Been wondering what the Infiniti Emerg-E is gonna look like when it takes center stage in Geneva next month? Wonder no more, as the first official photos of the mid-engined, range-extended electric supercar have hit the web. The pics show a pretty and curvaceous design that holds its own against ...

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    Are you the Infiniti Emerg-e concept?

    For an automaker whose lineup is made up of more crossovers than anything else, Infiniti sure does seem to like doing two-door show cars. The 2006 Coupe Concept showed the way forward for the G37 coupe, the 2009 Essence concept showcased a new design direction, the Etherea concept of 2011 may ...

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    Teased: Infiniti names Geneva-bound range-extended sports car concept EMERG-E

    Infiniti has named its electric concept car headed for next month's Geneva Motor Show the EMERG-E. The company says that its showcar will be a coupe powered by a 1.2-liter gasoline engine with a range-extending electric motor. The powerplant will be mounted amidships for superior weight ...


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