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AddEmerald Automotive, like Bright, has big ideas for PHEV delivery van

A plug-in hybrid delivery van sure seems like a good idea for commercial fleet customers looking to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and better manage volatile gasoline prices, right? Some companies, FedEx and Frito-Lay, are already buying green vehicles, and there are many other companies making a lot of short hauls in crowded urban areas where people would notice a reduction in diesel fumes. So why is this nut so difficult to crack?

AddEmerald Automotive t-001 is UK's new extended-range plug-in delivery van

The idea of an American-made extended-range plug-in utility van may have faded – for now, with the failure of Bright Automotive – but there remain some companies kicking around that exact idea across the pond.

AddWho is behind Emerald Automotive?

Emerald Automotive LLC announced their intent last week to build hybrid vans at a plant in Hazelwood, Missouri near St. Louis. As part of plans for a "$175 million factory," the company would receive a $3 million loan from the city and a $2 million loan from a state agency. On the scale of things, that's a pretty small investment to bring a potential 580 jobs to an area which has lost much of its manufacturing base.

AddEmerald Automotive (who?) wants to build hybrid delivery van in Missouri [w/video]

Emerald Automotive delivery van – Click above to watch video after the jump

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