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    Daimler buys 10% stake in Tesla, will supply parts and engineering

    Mercedes-Benz/Tesla press conference – Click above for ABG's liveblog coverage
    During a press conference held at the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart this morning, Dr. Thomas Weber, the head of research and development for Mercedes-Benz, announced that Daimler is buying a 10% stake in Tesla ...

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    VIDEO: Letterman meet Musk, Musk meet Letterman. Got it? Good. Let's all hate on Chevrolet's Volt

    Click on the image above to watch the video
    Elon Musk brought out the Tesla Model S for its big New York debut last night, and Late Night talk show host David Letterman got a real "charge" out of it. Musk appeared on the Late Show and it was kind of strange to watch. Letterman had some kind of ...

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    Can the Tesla Model S be profitable at $57,400? Not according to these calculations...

    Tesla Model S – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Tesla Motors' charismatic frontman, Elon Musk, will be showing up on the Late Show with David Letterman tonight to dazzle America's TV audience with his gorgeous all-electric sedan. Tesla says that when the Model S goes on sale at an ...

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    VIDEO: Tesla CEO 99 percent sure of DOE loan, calls NYT writer "a huge douchebag"

    Since it was announced that the highly quotable Bob Lutz would be departing from his General Motors management spotlight, automotive bloggers and reporters everywhere have been mourning the loss of an executive with such an exquisite way with words. Now it appears that the pining may have been ...

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    Tesla CEO vows to personally refund deposits if there's an "Armageddon scenario"

    Here's Tesla's Elon Musk, speaking in March (and just published in Car and Driver):

    Even in the worst case of an Armageddon scenario, I'll personally refund people [their money] if need be. While the U.S. federal government needs to step in and guarantee the warranties for General Motors and ...

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    Elon Musk reportedly sets trap for loose lipped Tesla employees

    The breathless style of writing at which Valleywag has made a name for itself isn't the sort of thing we often link to, but we'll make an exception today. According to the Gawker team, Tesla CEO Elon Musk is not making any friends in his own company; in fact, Valleywag claims that Musk recently ...

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    Tesla to unveil Model S on March 26, hopes for DOE money by summer

    In a newsletter distributed today by Tesla Motors, CEO Elon Musk provides an update on the business including an announcement that a driveable prototype of the Model S would be unveiled on March 26. The Model S reveal will take place at the Southern California headquarters of Musk's other company, ...

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    Tesla needs government loans to produce Model S on time

    Detroit isn't the only place in the U.S. where struggling automakers are looking for government handouts. Tesla Motors, Silicon Valley's one and only auto manufacturer, is looking for an initial injection from the government of $350 million, which is slated to fund the development and necessary ...

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    Tesla Motors opens first factory store in Los Angeles

    Click above for high-res gallery from Tesla's Flagship Store grand openingTesla Motors has found enough time in between suing and getting sued by its suppliers to open its first dealership in Los Angeles, CA today. Located on the corner of Santa Monica and Sepulveda boulevards, the $2 million ...

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    Tesla may begin delivering Roadsters with temporary transmissions

    If you plunked down six figures and expected to be motoring around in your emissions-free Tesla Roadster by now, chances are there might be a few ants in your pants. The all-EV Tesla Roadster has hit a few speed bumps on its road to production, and in order to address these concerns, the fledgling ...

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    Tesla names Ze'ev Drori new CEO

    Tesla Motors has been operating with an interim CEO since last August when its founder, Martin Eberhard, stepped down as head of the company. Today the start up that promises to herald in a new era of EV motoring (if it can stay on schedule) announced the appointment of a permanent replacement. ...

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    Tesla Stores to combine "an Apple store, a Starbucks, and a good restaurant"

    Brother blog AutoblogGreen just relayed a tidbit about Tesla Motors new dealership strategy that's set to be the most significant change in the way we buy cars since Saturn arrived on the scene. Tesla Chairman Elon Musk posted a new entry on the company blog explaining the new Tesla Stores in ...

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    Tesla Motors sells out first batch

    Reports came out yesterday that Tesla Motors had sold out its first batch of 100 Signature models, which retail at a price of between $80,000 and $120,000. It's not surprising to us that Martin Eberhard, Elon Musk and company succeeded in selling their first 100 cars. Musk, the company's chairman, ...

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    AutoblogGreen does Q&A with Elon Musk of Tesla Motors

    AutoblogGreen continues its excellent coverage of the Tesla Roadster unveiling from last week with an exclusive one-on-one chat with the chairman of Tesla Motors, Elon Musk. The discussion tells us much more than the press releases revealed, like how far Mr. Musk and Tesla Motors want to take this ...

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    EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Tesla Roadster Unveiling

    AutoblogGreen's intrepid editor, Sebastian Blanco, was a busy man last night at the unveiling of the Tesla Roadster in Santa Monica, CA. Check out our exclusive video (iPod format) of the unveiling that features interviews with Tesla Motors CEO Martin Eberhard and the company's chairman Elon Musk, ...


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