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Hiroshi Shimizu is an inventor, and his electric Eliica concept car actually works. In fact, with eight wheels, each powered by its own electric motor, the $5 million EV can reportedly hit 60 miles per hour in just four seconds and has a ridiculous top speed of 200 mph.


Eliica concept electric car - Click above for high-res image gallery


Shelby SuperCars, the American company behind the Ultimate Aero, the worlds fastest gas-powered production car (pictured above), has announced they will unveil the worlds fastest electric car, the Ultimate Aero EV in February of 2009. They say they won't wait years to release it to a salivating public either, giving Q4 2009 as a delivery date. They say it will have an "exotic Supercar exterior" but all engineering details are being closely held for now. The little bit they did say about the driv


You may have seen our previous coverage of the Eliica eight-wheeled electric vehicle from Japan. If not, perhaps you were introduced to the vehicle by the Discovery Channel, as it was frequently seen on their show Future Car. Regardless, I hope you enjoy the above video of the vehicle, and the interviews conducted with some of the men behind the Eliica. A common thread connecting all of the electric car prototypes seen on these pages are the hardships facing the designers regarding their batter

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