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    Australia's Eflin debuts Type 5 Clubman in Sydney

    Click above for high-res gallery of the Elfin Type 5 Clubman Fans of the original Lotus 7 will undoubtedly be familiar with Elfin. Others who, like Lotus itself, have come to realize that automotive development has advanced in the past few decades, may be less so. The Australian sportscar-maker is ...

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    Elfin releases sketch, details on upcoming Type-5 roadster

    Think "Elfin" and you're liable to (quite aptly) conjure up images of point-eared fantasy creatures (thank you Mr. Tolkien and Jackson). But to Lotus and Caterham fans, a group as enthusiastic to its realm as hobbit geeks are to theirs, Elfin is another beast entirely. Sprightly though they are, ...

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    Elfin to unveil all-new sportscar in August

    Elfin is preparing to unveil a brand new sportscar this coming August, according to the latest reports. The small Australian automaker is known mostly for producing Lotus/Caterham 7-style classic roadsters, with the new model replacing the outgoing Type-3 Clubman kit car and joining the V8-powered ...

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    Aussie-bred Elfin MS8 Streamliner gets price break before production

    In order to ensure a successful launch of its classicly-styled MS8 Streamliner sports car, Australian automaker Elfin has joined forces with Walkinshaw Performance. Owned by that Tom Walkinshaw, Walkinshaw Performance will provide Elfin with production engineering and marketing expertise to make ...

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    Elfin MS8 gets green light from Aussie authorities

    After a year's worth of regulatory difficulty, Australia's Elfin Sports Car Company will finally start production on the stunning MS8 Streamliner. The Holden-styled roadster promises stunning performance, with its 325-hp 5.7L V8 reacting against only 2,315 lbs, but difficulty was ...


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