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Even though the city of London cut back its support for plug-in vehicles, that doesn't mean everyone in the area wants to curtail incentives to go electric. Today, the Camden Council launched a number of UK and London firsts, including the first free electric charging point for commercial vehicles. Installed by Elektromotive, the three-phase charging station is based on the company's Elektrobay station, but has been designed for light commercial electric vehicles. If the station is not being u

Elektrobay charging station - Click on image for complete gallery

The Goodwood Festival of Speed is taking place this weekend in the UK and electric vehicles will again be represented. Last year, a Tesla Roadster made its debut in the hillclimb race and this year there will be 13 electrics on hand. Elektromotive will be trying to ensure that they stay in running order by supplying four of its Elektrobay charging stations. The Elektrobays are the most commonly used public charging stations in the UK.

People who insist that cruising the streets of London should be done in an electric vehicle like the G-Wiz (pictured) can't really complain that the city isn't supporting them them with ways to power their rides (see also here and here). The latest addition to the EV charging infrastructure in London will be in the southern and western parts of the city - in the buroughs of Wandsworth, Richmond Upon Thames, Sutton and Hammersmith & Fulham - and is made up of nine new charging stations. The d

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