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electronic stability control

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    Official: NHTSA proposes mandatory stability control on big rigs, busses

    Stability control was made mandatory on passenger vehicles for this current model year, but it's still not a requirement for semis and busses. But that could soon be changing, as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has proposed requiring the technology on all new large commercial ...

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    New Nissan driver-assist tech helps the James May in you find his inner Stig

    For the last century, automotive engineers have worked diligently to send Charles Darwin's concept of natural selection into obsolescence. It appears that we're inching closer to the time when any fool with a pulse may be able to climb behind the wheel of car and traverse a series of curves ...

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    Carmakers respond to new stability control mandate

    Last week, the NHTSA announced its final rules that will require electronic stability control on all light duty vehicles by September, 2011. For once, a new regulation on cars from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has been welcomed by car-makers instead of drawing complaints. ...

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    Aftermarket components can mess up stability control

    About 40 percent of cars and trucks now on the road are equipped with electronic stability control, or ESC, andeach year it's seen on more and more vehicles -- especially SUVs and crossovers. The ESC systems have been very beneficial in that they reduce the propensity of these vehicles to ...

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    Chrysler Aspen sports Trailer Sway Control

    The headline of Chrysler's press release pretty much says it: "Chrysler's First SUV is Industry's First Full-Size SUV With Trailer Sway Control." Many automakers have loaded up their SUVs with ways to make hauling trailers easier and safer, like General Motors' Quadra-Steer technology (which ...

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    DOT, NHTSA release full proposal for mandatory electronic stability control

    Monday's rumor became reality Thursday when the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration released its proposal to require auto manufacturers to install electronic stability control as a standard feature in all new cars.Standard equipment ESC would be required on passenger vehicles under ...

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    Ford plans on making stability control standard on all models

    Ford Motor Company has announced that it will make electronic stability control a standard feature on all of its models by the end of 2009. Although SUVs and rollovers have taken the brunt of the criticism, other traction-related crashes have piqued the interest of federal regulators. As we ...

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    Hyundai: he who dies with the most vehicles equipped with electronic stability control wins

    Hyundai put out a press release yesterday touting the following headline: "Hyundai Puts More Vehicles With Standard Electronic Stability on the Road Than Audi, BMW, Infiniti, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche or Volvo" It is interesting to note that Hyundai sells more cars than some of the other ...


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