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electric van

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    Official: Volkswagen e-Co-Motion concept poised for delivery to Geneva

    With Nissan getting ready to launch the e-NV200, it appears Volkswagen is looking to go after the same zero-emission commercial vehicle market with the all-electric 2013 e-Co-Motion Concept. Debuting next week at the Geneva Motor Show, the e-Co-Motion Concept might be small in size, but VW says ...

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    Detroit: Nissan e-NV200 Concept makes up for its looks with utility [w/video]

    Before we go any further, let's just acknowledge the obvious: The Nissan e-NV200 Concept has a face only its mother could love. As far as styling goes, what we see is basically the Japanese automaker's NV200 with the fascia of the electric Leaf grafted on up front. To top it all off, the e-NV200 ...

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    Engineers embark on driverless van odyssey from Italy to China

    A team of intrepid software engineers are out drive a full 8,000 miles from Italy to China in an autonomous electric van, all while going no faster than 37 mph. Talk about a road trip. The stunt is being headed up by tech company VisLab as a real-world test of the its artificial vision and ...

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    Ford's new electric van for 2010 will come from Europe

    Click above for a gallery of the Ford Transit Connect van
    Ford's business plan submitted to Congress a few weeks ago indicated that the Detroit-based automaker would be offering a "full battery electric vehicle in a van-type vehicle for commercial fleet use in 2010." Up until this point, we were ...

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    Ford claims to be back in black by 2011, release EV sedan same year

    In just a few short days, Ford and its two cross-town rivals will be required to lay down a plan before Congress that points a clear path towards profitability and global competitiveness. These days, any automaker's future will involve plenty of greenery, and as the first of the three automakers to ...


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