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AddElectric forklift sales may jump fivefold by 2020 as li-ion prices drop

In the "you take your victories where you can" department, electric-vehicle advocates and environmentalists alike can rejoice in the fact that even electric forklift sales are on the way up. Annual sales of electric forklifts in North America will exceed $500 million by 2020, up from about $100 million this year, according to a study by Navigant (formerly Pike) Research.

AddKarabag gives Fiat 500 an electric forklift drivetrain, makes it cheaper than gas version

Karabag has been selling conversions of a few Fiat models for a while now, but a new configuration of the 500, along with a low lease price, could see them moving more out the door. The new Karabag 500e makes use of the same electric drivetrain components that German forklift maker Linde Materials Handling employs to move about its precision workhorses.

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