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electric power steering

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    Report: Infiniti Q50S getting G37's hydraulic steering for 2016 [UPDATE]

    UPDATE: Autoblog spoke with Infiniti spokesperson Nick Twork, who clarified some of the details originally outlined in this story. First, all current Q50 models without Direct Adaptive Steering use hydraulic power steering. The proposed new system would be adapted from the previous G37S, which ...

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    Official: Nissan previews production steer-by-wire system

    With as far electric power assist steering (EPAS) has come in recent years, it was only a matter of time before an automaker came up with a fully electric steering system. Nissan has developed such a system that replaces the mechanical steering linkage of today's cars with a "wired" steering ...

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    Rumormill: Porsche to nix manual option for next-gen Panamera? [w/poll]

    Porsche offers no lack of choices for the purist, but the Panamera isn't one of 'em. Despite being ridiculously capable, the company's four-door coupe is more for spirited cruising than track attack. Little wonder, then, that Porsche is reportedly likely to abandon the availability of a manual ...

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    SEMA: Flaming River electric power steering

    Updated with correct product description and priceHow cool is this? With all of the bitchin resto mods out on the show floor this week, we think this is a product that has a big future. Modern powerplants, suspensions, brakes, and electronics have made it possible to give an old car, a new car ...


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