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If, one day, you decide to electrify a motorcycle, you might begin by seeking the advice of someone who has already tackled this kind of project. Ted Dillard is such a person. Sadly (depending on who you ask), there is only one of him, and he likely lacks the time to talk with absolutely everyone interested in doing a conversion. Luckily, he's written a book that generously dishes out what he's learned during his own walk down the DIY path.

If you've been itching for an electric motocross bike with performance to crush competitors, we've got an interesting package for you to check out. EVDrive, the folks responsible for the range-extended drivetrain in the Gitano from Michel Motorsports, have plans to produce what they are calling the e-Moto-CRF250R. This will be a much-improved 2nd-generation of the motocross machine (pictured above) that we checked out a while back.

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