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11Watch a 91-year-old grandma RallyCross a Subaru

We suppose "Go, granny, go!" is appropriate at times like these. In this video, a 91-year-old grandmother gets behind the wheel of an old Subaru for some RallyCross seat time. What's not awesome about that?

38Older women, people under 20 are most often at fault for pedal misapplication crashes

We hate to reinforce stereotypes as much as anybody else, so we'd like to point out that the source for this story comes from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. With that out of the way...

19How soon is it safe to drive after a stroke?

According to Consumer Reports, researchers have discovered that three simple tests at the doctor's office can accurately determine whether a stroke victim is fit to begin driving again. These tests take under 15 minutes and can effectively classify 80 to 85 percent of drivers who would have failed an on-road evaluation.

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