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elderly driver accident

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    Video: 100-year-old driver jumps curb near elementary school, 9 children injured

    It's never pleasant to run across a story of an elderly driver plowing through a group of innocent pedestrians, but here we are. This time 100-year-old Preston Carter lost control of his Cadillac Sedan de Ville, drove up on the sidewalk and injured 11 people across the street from Main Street ...

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    Elderly man hangs up the keys after trashing two Porsches

    Jack Higgs of Penarth, England, is 93. He has been driving for 76 years, and has never gotten a ticket. He never even had a single accident since learning to drive at age 17. That flawless streak came to an end, however, on Monday, when Mr. Higgs totaled two cars and badly damaged a third. Mr. ...


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