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    Video: EVO takes a closer look at Harry Metcalfe's 1972 Lotus Elan Sprint

    Everyone has their ultimate vehicle wish list, and ours is littered with a smattering of models both obscure and asinine. One of the more mainstream sweethearts is the original Lotus Elan. Collin Chapman's wonderchild remains an impressive performer even today, thanks to its feathery curb weight ...

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    Report: Lotus delays Elan until 2016, Esprit on track for 2013

    Despite the barrage of concepts presented at the Paris Motor Show, Lotus still has lots of planning ahead as it maps out the future. Five concept vehicles were revealed in 2010:the Elan, Elise, Elite, Esprit and Eterne. We've got an update on two of them. Car and Driver says that the Lotus ...

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    Report: Lotus unable to secure local government money

    When Lotus ushered out a plethora of new concept vehicles at the 2010 Paris Motor Show, we were more than a bit surprised. Sure, many of the designs had no chance of making it to production, but even a new Elan or Esprit would cost the boutique automaker millions to build – money Lotus ...

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    Pics Aplenty: Lotus releases slew of new images

    Lotus concept cars – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Lotus set the motoring community abuzz when it showed up at the Paris Motor Show with a slew of concept cars. These vehicles show the direction Lotus is moving, and each is a polarizing example of a future filled with heavier yet ...

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    Dissecting the Lotus Metamorphosis: The Company

    Click above for high-res image gallery
    Lotus sent a cryptic missive last year indicating it wanted to challenge Porsche and Ferrari. Aiming at those targets, it pulled the trigger five times at the Paris Motor Show this year, unleashing the new Elise, Elan, Esprit, Elite and Eterne showcars. Then ...

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    Lotus shocks Paris Motor Show with five concept debuts

    Lotus Esprit Concept - Click above for high-res image gallery
    It's been a while since something took us by surprise at an auto show. Usually we've seen the pictures and read the press releases a few days ahead of time, so there's nothing new revealed we weren't already expecting. Until today. We ...

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    Paris 2010: Lotus Elan Concept stuns the crowds [w/video]

    2013 Lotus Elan Concept – Click above for high-res image gallery
    We didn't see this one coming. Lotus' five-car concept explosion at the Paris Motor Show is one of the most welcome surprises sprung on us in recent memory... and the biggest surprise of all may be this Elan. Lotus says its ...

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    Motorsports and soccer are the Superleague Formula

    Click the above picture for more Superleague Formula photos.Superleague Formula might sound like a new comic book or a cough syrup but in fact it is the title of a new open-wheel race series coming in August 2008. It plays on the idea that people can't get enough open-wheel racing between all the ...

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    Lotus will build Esprit replacement in U.K.

    A small sigh of relief could be heard from the U.K. auto industry Thursday when Group Lotus announced that its new mid-engined sports car would be built at the company's headquarters in Norfolk, U.K. (shown at right).The new car replaces Lotus' discontinued high-end Esprit model, and is scheduled ...

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    Video: Top Gear has Lotus tune Lada

    Though we're not sure how old this is, we figured that you would enjoy another installment of those crazy blokes at Top Gear, this time taking a hapless LADA Riva 1.5E and throwing the nutters at Lotus Engineering something approaching a blank check. In two weeks time, they turn the 35 bhp ...


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