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    Video: Recreating Ken Block's Gymkhana... in a Gulf-livery semi truck

    Mike Ryan has won a dozen Pikes Peak Hill Climbs in his Gulf-liveried Freightliner Cascadia, so it's no joke when we say this man has some serious talent. To raise his and the truck's profile a little bit, Ryan has decided to show off what he does when he's not storming mountains to stay ...

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    Are you the Top Gear USA test track?

    Spinning off shows from British television into American programs are all the rage these days. Just ask anyone who watches The Office, American Idol, The Shield or Life on Mars. But the one we're most excited about, of course, is the U.S. version of Top Gear. A long time coming, the pilot is set ...

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    Video: Motor Trend pits the Nissan GT-R against the Scion TC RWD drifters

    Nissan GT-R vs RWD Scion drift cars – Click above to watch video
    Motor Trend hosted a summit of monsters that could be called "Where the Wild Things Are," gathering a Nissan GT-R and two back-wheel-driven Scion TC drift cars. The question asked of the GT-R could have come from Autocar ...

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    VIDEO: Ken Block's Gymkhana practice remixed, B-roll

    Click above to view the videos after the jump
    Ken Block solidified his place in the automotive master-race last November when he released his Gymkhana practice video onto an unsuspecting internet. 15 million views later, Block has created a dedicated microsite for the video and released some ...

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    VIDEO: Ken Block Gymkhana practice, or one hoon to rule them all

    Click above to watch Ken Block, master hoon
    There are a remarkable number of crap car videos floating around the intertubes, so it takes a special breed of driving deity to make something that catches our attention. Card-carrying member of the automotive master race, Ken Block, did just that by ...


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