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    Battered yet again by a series of embarrassing recalls, accusations of a cover-up and its collapse in a widely-watched quality survey, Toyota is taking an unusual step it hopes will bring things back under control. The Japanese automaker has long prided itself on having arguably the quickest ...

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    Remember the UAW? Remember the UAW? As with dial phones, phonograph records and the Beatles, those under 40 who aren't deeply entrenched in the automotive industry may find themselves staring blankly at those three letters. There was a time when everyone in America knew the United Auto Workers ...

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    Betting on small cars... My friend, Sam, is your classic Texan. Big home, big pool, big personality and, of course, a big car, a Chevrolet Silverado pickup that he uses a couple times a year to haul lumber and yard supplies from the local mega-mart. But most of the time he's sitting in Dallas ...

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    Toyota Crisis Likely to Trigger Change Across the Auto Industry Don't be surprised to see yet another recall or two from Toyota in the coming weeks. Among other things, the embattled automaker may reveal a fix for unexpected stalling involving hundreds of thousands of recent Corolla and Matrix ...

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    Geneva and the Decline of the Auto Show While I'm not likely to get a lot of sympathy, do be aware that I'll be wearing out a lot of shoe leather, this week, during the two day press preview of the Geneva Motor Show. By my preliminary count, I expect more than 50 news conferences, with as many as ...


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