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Hyundai And Kia Take Aim At The Germans

South Korea's two largest automotive brands are no longer the same companies they were when they first entered the world stage.

Sales of plug-in hybrids tumbled to nearly half their level from September and October.

The Role Autos Are Playing In Deciding Our Next President

Why Daimler's Ultra-Luxe Brand Couldn't Compete With Bentley And Rolls

Taking A Detailed Look At Why 'Your Mileage May Vary'

Why No One Quality Report Tells The Whole Story

How New Cars Are Getting Better Through Sound Engineering

Why The World's Top Automakers Are Flocking To Beijing

Detroit Gains Momentum As Japan Regains Its Footing

Tokyo Struggles To Remain Relevant On The World Stage

A Glut Of EVs Could Make America's Shoddy Power Grid Even Worse

Shanghai Struts its Stuff – Challenging the Big Apple

A recent study anointed Geneva the most livable city in the world. Sitting where Lake Geneva flows into the Rhone River, the old city has a surprisingly small town feel and probably wouldn't even be on the global map were it not for the presence of the United Nations – and the annual Geneva Motor Show.

On or off the track, Roger Penske is a force to be reckoned with. His team has taken the victory lap 15 times at the Indianapolis 500 and his business ventures have made him one of America's richest and most powerful entrepreneurs.

Some years ago, sitting in my office with the windows open on a warm spring day, I heard a deep rumble – not unlike the sound of a freight train passing by... but closer, more menacing, and immediately followed by a violent shudder as a rare Midwest earthquakes rolled out from under Lake Erie.

What Happens To Mazda Without Ford?

Even growing up in New York City barely prepares you for the sprawling metropolis that is Seoul, South Korea. Spend a few days wandering the increasingly affluent town and you'll be hard-pressed to miss the many coffee shops, seemingly at least one on every block. Seoul is a highly caffeinated city, a Seattle on overdrive, and for good reason. Its people seemingly never sleep. Workers in few countries clock more hours on the job.

Toyota Crisis Likely to Trigger Change Across the Auto Industry

Geneva and the Decline of the Auto Show

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