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    Read This: Toyota donates engineers, not money, to country's largest anti-hunger charity

    Key to production of any kind is efficiency - the ability to achieve maximum productivity with minimal effort or waste. Toyota has become a master of efficiency, with streamlined manufacturing operations around the world. In fact, the Japanese brand has become so well known for efficient ...

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    Report: Auto applications sought for new advanced metal that's 100x lighter than Styrofoam [w/video]

    Automakers are being pinched to increase safety and improve fuel efficiency, but those two goals often work against each other. That could change thanks to a material that is 99.99-percent air. Ward's Automotive reports that the California Institute of Technology, HRL Laboratories and the ...

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    Report: Did Volkswagen tamper with its efficiency graph in Germany?

    Every once in a while you'll find an accidental lie on the Internet... A group of German organizations created a label applied to every new car sold in that country that grades it based on CO2 usage. The energy-efficiency categories run from A+ to G, with the greenest cars at the top and the ...

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    Which automaker is the most productive?

    Volkswagen piled on some big-time profits for the 2010 model year, as the German automaker finished the year in the black with a staggering $10 billion. VW sales were up, too, with 7.1 million units moved for the year. And compared to VW's long-term production plans, 7.1 million is a relative ...

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    Mercedes-Benz will do the 'unthinkable' to go green

    2012 Mercedes-Benz CLS – Click above for high-res image gallery
    At the Mercedes press conference during last week's Paris Auto Show, the company rolled out its CLS – the car everyone was really there to see – for dessert. We couldn't have our pudding without eating our meat, ...

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    Audi travolution project has cars and traffic signals talking

    Audi is experimenting with networking cars and traffic systems in order to cut the amount of time drivers spend idling at stoplights. The German automaker claims that its efforts could result in saving 184,920 gallons of fuel per year and slim CO2 emissions by as much as two million tons. The ...

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    Freightliner debuts RunSmart Predictive Cruise Control

    The next step in cruise control comes courtesy of Freightliner semis and GPS data company NAVTEQ. Freightliner broadened communication between the cruise control and map data: the GPS transmits information on the road ahead up to a mile, and then the cruise control computes the best speed at which ...

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    Alpina reveals new D3 Bi-Turbo Coupe

    For ALPINA, simply substituting a larger engine for added performance is considered alien. Instead, the German automaker prefers to "maximize the sporting potential of existing units." With that in mind, ALPINA has tweaked the twin-turbo diesel powerplant from the BMW 123d and dropped it under the ...

  • 0 creates True Mileage Index to debunk CAFE

    In an effort to expose the underreported truth behind the government's corporate average fuel economy ratings (CAFE) and to define more accurate fuel economy estimates, the team over at has created their own True Mileage Index. The consumer website points out the flaw behind CAFE is that ...

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    Hyundai aiming to lose weight, increase efficiency by 2015

    Like every other automaker that intends to do business in the U.S., Hyundai is planning for the future and the proposed fuel economy standards that are expected to hit in 2015. Currently, Hyundai's passenger cars average 32.4 mpg, while its trucks average 25.5 mpg. When the new regulations are in ...

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    Mercedes mulling blown four-cylinder for C-Class in the States

    When the C-Class predecessor launched, it was known as the 190 and carried a four-cylinder powerplant underhood. Mercedes is now considering a return to four-pots in the U.S. market as the price of fuel continues to soar. MBZ is reportedly already testing a 1.4-liter carrying a supercharger, which ...

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    Nanotech research stumbles on homemade hydrogen

    Efficiency is a large stumbling block if you're looking for a way to replace gasoline. It's pretty hard to better such an exceptional fuel, and several alternatives show promise but are nagged by inefficiencies or cost, and usually both. Nanotech to the rescue; it may soon be possible to produce ...

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    MIT helps Ford apply pressure

    Ford is looking for ways to pack their automobiles with innovative technology that achieves the seemingly impossible goal of using smaller, more efficient engines while still delivering the performance wallop customers are demanding. Not only is the Blue Oval seeking more involvement from their ...

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    Let's get cracking! Cerberus green-lights a slew of Pentastar projects

    Cerberus isn't wasting any time teaching its new elephant to tapdance. Just days after closing the deal, taking over Chrysler and bringing Robert Nardelli on board, Cerberus has earmarked $3 billion for new powertrain facilities, indicating some level of its desire to steward the brand back to ...

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    BMW 5-series gets regenerative braking, but not why you think

    It would seem that BMW reads Autoblog. How else would you explain them, at least partially, answering our question about how a conventional automobile would utilize some of the hybrid demon-tweaks?For the first time ever, BMW has equipped a non-hybrid car with a regenerative braking system. There's ...

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    Are these things really worth it? - What if you made a regular car with all the tricks of a Prius?

    Hybrids definitely do work -- we're not refuting that -- how well they work is open to debate, however, especially in light of the revisions to EPA mileage numbers. So, let's examine the Prius. Amazingly engineered vehicle, that's for sure. The way they got all those different systems to work as a ...

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    SAE Convergence 2006: The difficulty in implementing effective engine management systems

    Just a decade ago, engine management was a relatively simple affair. Spark advance and fuel injection quantities were the key parameters, and the determination of both was a relatively simple matter of determining engine speed and load and using those values to index a lookup table. Nowadays, ...

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    Toyota raising the bar in manufacturing efficiency

    Toyota Motor is methodically going about the task of increasing the efficiency (and lowering the cost) of automotive manufacturing, with its most visible project: a massive upgrade to its 660,000 units a year Takaoka assembly plant.Toyota CEO Katusuaki Watanabe predicts that the upgrades will make ...


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