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AddUtah Earth Day poster contest dares ask, "Where would you be without fossil fuels?"

The state of Utah has put its own spin on the message behind Earth Day. While the national ecology teach-in day usually means bike rides and recycling campaigns, in Utah the message this year is: "Where would you be without oil, gas and mining?"

AddMinddrive Students To Travel Coast To Coast In Electric Lotus Esprit [VIDEO]

Last year, TRANSLOGIC visited Kansas City for a behind-the-scenes look at Minddrive, an experiential EV eduction program for at-risk youth. After speaking to the students and driving their Project Lola electric car, we knew to expect great things from this passionate group.

AddAssignment: source parts, choose routes, build Chevy Volt

If you're tired of homework assignments that start out with a train traveling west at X miles an hour encountering a truck moving northeast at Y, try this one instead: given parts from India, the United States, Mexico, and China, how do you bring a Chevy Volt together in the fastest, most efficient, cost effective way? That's the assignment GM will give to 16 university teams competing to win an award for best supply chain management at the Supply Chain Case Competition coming soon to Wayne Stat

45Teaching kids how to steal cars is a good idea

A recent workshop in Los Angeles offers something special for interested children: a class on the mechanics of car theft. Created by the non-profit organization Machine Project, the workshop is entitled "The Good Kids' Guide to Being a Bit Bad: Cars edition." It covers the topics of hot wiring, opening a locked door and getting out of a locked trunk... and we fully support the class.

AddToyota gives $400,000 to UC Santa Barbara to fund eco fellowships

Toyota is investing in environmental science education with a $400,000 gift to the University of California at Santa Barbara. The money is going to the graduate program at the Bren School of Environmental Science and Education to fund a summer internship program for students working toward their master's degrees in the environmental science area. The money will also fund a Professor in Residence program that will allow faculty from the Bren School to go on research trips with high school teacher

AddIllinois State University approves Renewable Energy degree program

Another school is jumping on the bandwagon to educate people in renewable energy. Once they get the go ahead from the Board of Higher Education Approval, Illinois State University will start offering a bachelor's degree program focused on renewable energy. The school's Department of Technology will run the multi-disciplinary program that will also include major components in economics and public policy. Students in the program can also choose to concentrate in wind or ethanol.

3Toyota opens elite boarding school

Toyota Motor Company has joined with Central Japan Railway and Chubu Electric Power to open an ultra-elite boarding school in Japan. The Kaiyo Academy, for boys aged 12-18 (sorry, folks, no Japanese schoolgirls here), is intended to help reverse what some view as a slide in Japanese educational standards (said to be brought about by the government's 30 percent reduction in standard school workloads in 2002).

AddFirst edition of Hybridfest

A non-profit group is organizing what is claimed to be the first hybrid electric car show this summer, July 22nd, in Madison, Wisconsin. The event is being promoted as a grass-roots effort by a number of hybrid vehicle owners with no ties to the automotive industry. While the traditional car show might be all about showing your hardware and socializing with enthusiasts, this event wants to educate the public about hybrid cars as well - a worthwile cause in our opinion. For the small fee of $25 y

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