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The Edag Light Cocoon is meant as a way for the German engineering firm to show off its lightweight, 3d printing tech, but by lighting the translucent fabric that's stretched over the skeletal structure, it really gets a chance to shine.


At the Geneva Motor Show this year EDAG Engineering showed off its Genesis Cockpit concept. Built with a 3D printing technique called "fused deposition modeling," it was a skeletal passenger cell suspended inside a protective shell. At next year's Geneva show EDAG will present another take on the natural forms combined with 3D printing with its Light Cocoon concept (click the image to enlarge).


We are used to seeing full vehicles being unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show, or at least concepts that presage a future model, but the German engineering group EDAG stripped things down even further to imagine a future car cockpit. Really, it's a way for the company to show off its next-generation manufacturing technology that allows it to make parts in a single production process.


Click above for a high-res gallery of the EDAG Light Car - Open Source


Click above for high-res gallery of the EDAG Light Car - Open Source


Click above for a gallery of the EDAG Light Car - Open Source


Click above for high-res image gallery of the EDAG Light Car - Open Source


click above for a high-res gallery of the EDAG Rolls-Royce Phantom


Click the image above to view pictures of EDAG's amphibious creation at work


click the image above to view the gallery


click on above image for more high-resolution photos of the Edag LUV concept


Many of you remember shots of this hardtop Pontiac Solstice that features a hatchback-type rear end. The hardtop is a product developed by EDAG that's been in development for some time, but word is out that the EDAG Sportwagon hardtop, as it's now officially called, will be available in January of 2007 for $2,499 plus taxes and shipping. Saturn Sky owners (and Opel GT owners, for that matter) will have to wait until Spring if they want to close the lid on their convertibles.

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