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    Geneva: The EDAG Genesis Cockpit Concept highlights the future of auto production [video]

    We are used to seeing full vehicles being unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show, or at least concepts that presage a future model, but the German engineering group EDAG stripped things down even further to imagine a future car cockpit. Really, it's a way for the company to show off its ...

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    EDAG Light Car Sharing Concept previewed ahead of Geneva Motor Show

    EDAG Light Car Sharing Concept - Click above for high-res image gallery
    EDAG is headed back to the Geneva Motor Show with a new take on car sharing. The company plans to unveil the new Light Car Sharing Concept, a machine that blends lightweight composites, modular pieces and an electric ...

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    Geneva 2009: Clever EDAG "Light Car Open-Source" is like safety television for tailgaters

    Click above for high-res gallery of the EDAG Light Car - Open Source
    EDAG has presented its new "Light Car – Open Source" concept here at the Geneva Motor Show, and while it outwardly appears to look like any other nondescript electric bubble car, there's a lot of innovative content on the ...

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    Geneva Preview: EDAG open-source Light Car

    Click above for high-res image gallery of the EDAG Light Car - Open Source
    New technologies are set to dramatically change the way that future cars are designed, at least according to German design firm EDAG, which is set to debut its latest concept vehicle – called the "Light Car - Open ...

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    EDAG realizes the uber-rich don't like to crouch

    click above for a high-res gallery of the EDAG Rolls-Royce PhantomDespite Mr. Nunez' thorough review of the Rolls-Royce Phantom, he might have missed one chink in the Roller's armor. According to EDAG, the firm that's created everything from the Solstice wagon to the LUV, Rolls-Royce's overtly ...

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    EDAG develops amphibious vehicle for flood rescues

    Click the image above to view pictures of EDAG's amphibious creation at work Flooding has been a deadly problem since the dawn of civilization, and boats have traditionally been used as the main mode of transportation for rescue. The only problem is, flooded areas often have areas of shallow water ...

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    EDAG Luv concept revealed!

    click the image above to view the gallery var digg_url = ''; Part Ridgeline, part 'Slade, part Tartan 3700, many parts Viagra and sharing the name of a rebadged Isuzu, it's the EDAG LUV. The LUV, which stands ...

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    LUV it or hate it: Edag announces LUV concept for Geneva

    click on above image for more high-resolution photos of the Edag LUV conceptLooking like the offspring of a torrid affair between a Caddilac Escalade, Honda Ridgeline and a sailboat, the maritime-inspired Edag LUV concept will arrive in port at the Geneva Motor Show in early March. Edag, which you ...

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    EDAG Sportwagon hardtop for Solstice on sale in January

    Many of you remember shots of this hardtop Pontiac Solstice that features a hatchback-type rear end. The hardtop is a product developed by EDAG that's been in development for some time, but word is out that the EDAG Sportwagon hardtop, as it's now officially called, will be available in January of ...

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    Geneva Auto Show: Edag Biwak recalls (some)Thing

    Remember Engineering and Design AG (EDAG), the company that brought their Pontiac Solstice shooting brake conversion to the North American International Auto Show in January? The company made its presence known in Geneva, where it unveiled the wacky Biwak concept seen here. Based on ...


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