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11EcoCar2 is on the hunt for a better, cleaner Chevy Malibu [w/video]

Winner Of Three-Year Student Competition Named Tonight In DC

The students spent three years transforming an ordinary Chevy Malibu into a revolutionary vehicle.

AddHow College Students Reinvented An Ordinary American Sedan

EcoCar2 winner will be announced tonight

The Colorado State team was one of 16 that came to GM's Milford Proving Grounds last week for the final stretch of the EcoCar2 competition, which challenges regular college students who have no automotive experience to do nothing less than reinvent the American car.

22EcoCar3 will convert Camaro to bitchin' eco rides

In the 47-year-history of the Chevrolet Camaro, there have been countless college-age kids spending a ton of time getting under the hood and souping 'em up. Now, General Motors is adding a twist to the concept by donating 16 Camaros for the EcoCar challenge that puts university teams together to wring out better fuel-efficiency out of various vehicles. No word on whether there will be donuts on anyone's lawn, as suggested by 80's punks the Dead Milkmen, but the idea's never a bad one.

10Can Students Turn A Chevy Camaro Into A Fuel-Sipper?

New Dept. Of Energy competition prods next generation of auto engineers

The Chevrolet Camaro gulps down gas. Can a bunch of students turn this iconic sports car into a model of fuel efficiency?

6E85 plug-in hybrid Chevy Malibu powers Penn State to second year EcoCar 2 win [w/video]

Decked out in enough stickers to make a NASCAR driver jealous, the cars in the EcoCar 2 competition finished year two of their three-year journey last week, with Penn State declared the winner.

5Mississippi State University wins Year 1 of EcoCar 2 with plug-in hybrid Chevy Malibu

The winner of the first year of the EcoCar 2 Challenge is the design for a series-parallel plug-in hybrid electric vehicle from Mississippi State University.

8Thailand's green car manufacturing took a beating, back to ticking

Last fall, Thailand was hit by a devastating flood that damaged parts of 65 of Thailand's 77 provinces, killed 815 people and affected the lives and homes of more than 13 million. Some parts of Bangkok were under over two meters (6.5 feet) of water (PDF) and normal life in the city came to a halt. Those are incredible numbers, but the story of what happened since then is just as amazing. Aside from the intense work of the people, which is astonishing in its own way, we recently learned that the

16Virgina Tech wins EcoCAR competition with E85-fueled extended-range electric vehicle

Late last night, students from Virginia Tech University got wind that their E85-burning extended-range electric Equinox was named the overall champ of EcoCAR: The NeXt Challenge.

5EcoCar finals get underway at General Motors' Milford Proving Grounds

Starting today, students competing in the collegiate engineering competition, EcoCAR: The NeXt Challenge, began putting their alternative-fuel vehicles through a series of tests for the final time before the winning team is announced on June 17th in Washington, DC.

16EcoCAR2 wants cleaner, greener batch of cars of from college kids

At the 2011 SAE World Congress in Detroit, MI, U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) assistant secretary for policy and international affairs, David Sandalow, announced the official launch of EcoCAR 2: Plugging into the Future. This three-year competition, established by the DOE and General Motors, pits sixteen university teams against each other in a head-to-head battle to construct and demonstrate vehicles and powertrains that, when compared to production gasoline-fueled vehicles:

AddMSU students win stage 2 of EcoCAR challenge with 118 MPGe plug-in hybrid

MSU's award winning EcoCAR towing test equipment - Click above to watch video after the jump

AddEcoCar student engineers offer ten green resolutions

The EcoCAR competitors certainly know how to think big. The engineering students from 16 universities involved in the challenge are only trying to "design and build a greener car of the future" using a Saturn Vue as a starting point. But they also know when to tone the dreams down and think about what can/should be done in the New Year to save the planet.

AddEcoCAR, Year Two starts in Boston; student engineers cleaning up the Saturn Vue

GM may have discarded the Saturn brand in the company's bankruptcy, but there are still at least 150 young engineers working hard to turn a Saturn Vue into the most efficient vehicle possible. The engineers are all students from 17 universities who are participating in the EcoCAR challenge, the three-year follow-up to Challenge X.

AddGeneral Motors launches ChallengeX followup: EcoCar, the NeXt Challenge

Last spring, General Motors wrapped up the fou- year Challenge X program where 17 university teams from the United States and Canada competed to design and build a hybrid drive Chevrolet Equinox. At the conclusion of Challenge X, GM announced that the follow-up competition would be called EcoCar. This time around the teams will be working with Saturn Vues and they will have the option of four different directions they can go with propulsion. Teams can build a plug-in hybrid electric with interna

AddEDTA 2008: GM shows off EcoCar Saturn Vue

click above image for a high-resolution gallery of the GM EcoCar

AddGM announces ChallengeX follow-up, EcoCAR, the NeXT Challenge

The Challenge-X student design competition sponsored by General Motors and the Department of Energy is now in the last of a four-year schedule with the final phase coming up in May 2008. The Challenge-X gave teams of engineering students the opportunity to convert a Chevrolet Equinox to an alternative power-train. The teams designed and installed a wide variety of hybrid and alternative fuel power-trains.

AddToyota likes free money, signs on to Thailand's eco-car plan

Toyota told Reuters they will join Thailand's plan to be the eco-friendly car production capital of the world. Trying to repair the economic damage to the Thai car industry from the 2006 coup, the Thai government is offering green car makers 50 percent cut in the excise tax, no income tax for 8 years and machinery imports duty free.

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