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    Cruze Comes To Town: Chevy unveils 40-mpg Eco model and RS package

    2011 Chevrolet Cruze Eco – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Chevrolet will use the 2010 New York Auto Show to reveal a few more details about the production Cruze sedan going on sale this fall. Specifically, the Big Apple is where Chevy will formally unveil the high-mileage Cruze Eco ...

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    Video: Sweden's Acme Advertising creates arresting green motorcoach marketing

    50 Cars or 1 Coach ad campaign in Sweden – Click above to watch video
    Sweden's Flygbussarna Airport Coaches asked Acne Advertising to make the case for travelers to take a coach to the airport instead of a car. Instead of leading with price, comfort, or ease, Acne went for hot air and green ...

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    Seen a salad do 150 mph? Check out the Eco One

    Faced with a bucket full of potatoes, cashew shells, hemp, rapeseed oil, wheat, and sugar beet, most of us would try and find some pigs to feed. If your name were Ben Wood, however, you'd snag that bucket, shells and all, add 20,000 British pounds sterling and make a car called the Eco One ...

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    Earth Day, every day: Autoblog announces eco-friendly spinoff, AutoblogGreen

    As the song goes, "Blues had a baby, and the called it rock n' roll." Well, Autoblog has just birthed its first spinoff, and we're calling it AutoblogGreen. With gas prices surging and more interest in alternative fuel vehicles and their attendant lifestyles than at any time in ...

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    If Peugeot plants a tree in the forest, will it offset the CO2 in the atmosphere?

    Six years on, French automaker Peugeot is finally seeing one of its environmental initiatives bear fruit... so to speak.  The manufacturer actually began a forestry project back in 1999 by embarking on a plan to build a living 'carbon sink,' in the form of two million ...

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    Hybrids and the 'metrospiritual' segment

    Best Syndications has posted an article on how hybrid vehicles are part of the demographic category Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS) or "metrospiritual. " (Pictured is actress Gwyneth Paltrow, considered by many to be a member of said category).The writer goes on to ...

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    New York Auto Show: Honda to NY Civic buyers: "Phill 'er up!"

    Honda announced today that it is bringing to market a compressed natural gas (CNG) motivated Civic GX to New York buyers this fall. According to the automaker, the GX will put out 'near zero emissions,' giving owners access to tax credits and home refuelling via an optional Phill home refueling ...

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    Third-gen Prius to flirt with 100 mpg?

    According to AutoExpress UK, Toyota is set to go for the green-veined jugular with its next Prius. The automaker's next hybrid will reportedly net a scarcely-believable 94 mpg (113mpg in imperial gallons). The figure comes about as the company has reportedly set a fuel economy bogey of ...

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    Autoblog Podcast #28

    Boom shalaka-laka, the 28th Autoblog Podcast is here. On today's episode, the intrepid Christopher Paukert and myself go over Audi's ostentatious debut of its new TT coupe, observe a moment of silence for the industry's loss of MPH Magazine and finally, we get all green up in this thing talking ...

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    PSA: Still time for the U.S. hybrid tax credit

    Looking for an easy tax credit? Look no further than the U.S. tax credits for hybrid vehicles. While the program's days are numbered, our friends over at Treehugger tell us that the program isn't extinct yet. 60,000 vehicles is the magic number of hybrid each manufacturer can sell ...

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    Competitors pushing GM to bring fuel cell vehicles before 2010 deadline

    General Motors has touted its plans to have a fuel-cell vehicle available for public consumption by 2010 for years. But according to Larry Burns, head of research and planning at GM, the automaker needs to push such a vehicle to full development in as early as eighteen months (2008). This, despite ...

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    Hybrid Saabs by 2010

    Jan-Ake Jonsson, Managing Director of Saab, recently told Automotive News that hybrid drivetrains would find their way under the bonnet of both Saab and Opel vehicles by the end of the decade. The technology is currently being developed in Sweden and will likely being worked on in conjunction with ...


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