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    Nissan Patrol recalled overseas but kissing-cousin Infiniti QX56 not affected [*UPDATED]

    2010 Nissan Patrol - Click above for high-res image gallery
    Nissan has issued a recall for more than a thousand Nissan Patrol models in the Middle East, citing electrical problems that could affect the engine's fuel supply leading to engine stalls. According to Monal Zeidan, the general manager ...

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    Reports of Toyota RAV4 gearbox woes mount as owner anger grows

    Imagine merging into speeding highway traffic when your transmission suddenly balks at the shift, leaving you struggling to choose between that 70,000-pound semi filling your rear view mirror or the shrinking median on the right side of the road. This scenario is just one of the complaints being ...

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    Volkswagen recalls 2009 Tiguan, 2008 Passat and Wagon for "Engine Surge"

    Click above for high-res gallery of the Volkswagen Tiguan Volkswagen is recalling 4,000 2008 Passats and 2009 Tiguans for an "engine surging" issue. The problem is an engine control module that may not control engine idle when the air conditioning is turned on. In rare cases, the ECM can trigger ...

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    PSA: Beware of cosmic rays

    As if rollovers, suicidal deer, and thieves who break in with laptop computers weren't enough to worry about, now there's a new menace on the roadways - high-energy neutrons from cosmic rays. Let's back up a moment. The increasing complexities and decreased time-to-market ...

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    Engine management and emission controls (Part 2)

    In Part 1 of this series, we took at look at the engine control module (ECM), the "brains" of a modern vehicle's engine management and emission control systems. Next, we're going to dig a bit deeper and investigate the various sensors that feed information about the vehicle's ...

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    Engine management and emission controls (Part 1)

    A modern engine makes use of a wide variety of technology, but it's not necessarily well-understood by the majority of the motoring public. Considering that this stuff isn't rocket science (for the most part), we figured that it's time to lift the hood on one of the cars in our garage ...


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