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    Update: Bernie Ecclestone tied to late-breaking Genii Capital bid for Saab

    Bernie Ecclestone, the long-time Formula One impresario, has confirmed to Bloomberg that he plans to make a play to buy Saab from General Motors. The pitch is evidently part of the bid by Genii Capital that we told you about earlier today. Genii's last-minute pitch may have been the reason why GM ...

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    In Bad Taste: Ecclestone calls Senna's death "good for F1"

    Believe it or not, nobody has put a muzzle on Bernie Ecclestone yet. After having publicly praised the likes of Adolf Hitler and Saddam Hussein, the Formula One chief has made headlines once again by characterizing the death of Ayrton Senna as "good for F1." Clarifying his comments, Ecclestone ...

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    REPORT: Suzuka secures future of Japanese Grand Prix for three years

    At the risk of sounding like the end of a cheesy kung-fu movie, the future of the Japanese Grand Prix is safe...for now. After Toyota confirmed it could no longer host the race at its Fuji Speedway, Honda has reportedly stepped up to secure a new deal with Bernie Ecclestone to hold the race at ...

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    REPORT: Ecclestone cuts rates to bring Grand Prix back to Montreal

    This year was the first in Formula One history that had absolutely no presence in North America. But that could change for next year if the latest reports from Canada are any indication, as insiders suggest that a new deal between race organizers and government officials on the one hand and Bernie ...

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    REPORT: Ecclestone backing breakaway GP1 series?

    Bernie Ecclestone didn't get to be a billionaire by waiting for things to come his way. With the threat of a breakaway series seemingly very real once again, the man credited with making Formula 1 what it today is has apparently decided to make sure he is on it. F1 Live reports that last month, ...

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    FOLLOWUP: Ecclestone fans flames again, reportedly blames Jews for banking crisis

    After attempting to clarify and apologize for his recent and controversial professed admiration for Adolf Hitler's ability to "get things done," F1 supremo Bernie Ecclestone has reportedly added fuel to the fire by blaming "the Jews" for failing to address the worldwide banking crisis. Ecclestone ...

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    Penske, Andretti Green contemplating jump to F1?

    If you think the domination of Brawn GP has shaken things up in Formula One, that's nothing compared to what could be in store for the F1 grid in the next year or two. While the FIA toys with budget caps and all manner of new regulations, several prospective teams are lining up at the potential of ...

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    Rumormill: Pending F1 diffuser decision will favor Brawn, Williams, Toyota

    Formula 1 so far this year has probably provided a lot more excitement than anyone expected, and in a change from the usual, this time a lot of it is good. The two races so far have seen a heap of on-track passing – and not just of backmarkers – as well as an inversion of the standings: ...

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    Ecclestone moves to establish new GP3 series

    While Formula One has been a relative constant for the past several decades, the various feeder series running up the ladder to the pinnacle of international motorsport seems to always be in flux. The FIA recently announced plans to revive the old Formula 2 series with a new low-cost format to ...

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    Owners refute rumors of firing Ecclestone and selling F1

    Rumors have been circulating that CVC, the commercial rights holders to Formula One, have considered selling the series. But before that could happen, they would have to give Bernie Ecclestone the boot. The reports were fueled by comments made by Max Mosley, the embattled president of the FIA, who ...

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    Ecclestone to Mosley: don't come to Bahrain

    Despite Bernie Ecclestone's initial support of his colleague Max Mosley, Ecclestone is now publicly urging the embattled FIA president to cancel his planned trip to Bahrain to oversee the grand prix there this coming weekend. The humiliation which Mosley apparently pursued in a disturbing sexual ...

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    Formula One parent company buys GP2 Series

    Reports emerging over the weekend indicate that GP2 has been purchased by CVC Capital Partners for a reported $300 million. Dang. What's GP2, you ask? It's a second-tier "feeder" racing series started in 2005 to give up-and-coming drivers a place to display their skills on a worldwide scale and a ...

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    Singapore gets first F1 race in 2008, and it's at night!

    Next year's Formula 1 calendar could contain an unprecedented 20 races. One of those races will be held for the first time on the island state of Singapore, and according to Bernie Ecclestone, it will be held at night. Both IRL and NASCAR have night races, so why not Formula 1? The reasons aren't ...

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    Jean Alesi fronts new Asian stock-car series

    Who ever would have thought a Will Ferrell movie would ever be considered "prophetic," even jokingly? The absurd story of a French racing driver switching over from F1 to stock cars as the last remaining challenge is coming to life again and again. But unlike Jacques Villeneuve (or Colombian ...

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    Not so fast: new F1 circuits aren't happening yet, says Tilke

    Despite all the ongoing rumors of this country and that preparing bids for F1 czar Bernie Ecclestone, few of them are anywhere near that stage. As track designer Hermann Tilke has pointed out, many of the speculative locations lack circuits that would be ready to host grands prix. Tilke has to his ...

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    Abu Dhabi event draws big crowd - Bernie wants more

    Click on the image above to view more pictures from the event. As promised, organizers put on quite the spectacle on Saturday when the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix was officially announced. Tens of thousands of people reportedly turned out for an F1 demonstration on the streets of the gulf emirate that ...

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    Breaking news: FIA puts the squeeze on Formula 1 manufacturers

    The International Automobile Federation (FIA) and its President Max "My Way or the Highway" Mosley seems determined to bully into submission the five members of the Grand Prix Manufacturers Association, who have threatened to set up a series in competition with Formula 1. On Wednesday, ...


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