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Those Dagenham windmills. The Fumes to Fuel paint project. Renewable energy at the Cologne plant. Much of what Ford is touting in its Earth Day press release (read it yourself after the break) is old news to us on AutoblogGreen. If you're interested in the broad sweep of what Ford is trying to do around the world to reduce its impact on the environment, the release is a great place to start. It's not a bad idea to review those changes, as Ford's efforts have had quite an impact. According to the


With the arrival of spring, many of us have been busy preparing our gardens for the upcoming growing season. The soil needs to be tilled, fertilized and well hoed to ensure a bumper crop. And speaking of bumpers, the folks over at AFS Trinity have been polishing theirs (you see what I did right there?), getting ready for an epic cross country trip from the gritty streets of San Francisco to the gleaming metropolis of Washington. With their D.C. arrival to correspond with that of Earth Day, they

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