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    Report: BMW 3 Series production to end in October, next-gen model coming in spring 2012

    Production of the current E90 and E92 BMW 3 Series will come to an end for good in October, in preparation for next spring's launch of the all-new F30 3 Series. Before the gas models bow out, the oil-burning 335d will cease production in August. The death of the current 3er makes room for a ...

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    Video: GT5 vs. Real Life, Nürburgring Edition

    Driving an M3 on the 'Ring: Real life vs Gran Turismo 5 – Click above to watch the video after the jump
    Denis Malevanyi is one skilled hot shoe and he can hustle a BMW M3 around the 'Ring with the best of them. He's also pretty good at driving virtual cars in simulation series like ...

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    BMW announces start-stop system and Competition package for M3, M Sport for X5

    BMW M3 Competition Package – Click above for high-res image gallery
    BMW is hell-bent on incorporating its EfficientDynamics systems into every model in its line-up, and the latest recipient is the M3, which will come equipped with Auto Start Stop this spring. According to BMW, the system, ...

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    2011 BMW 3 Series leaks out ahead of Detroit - special U.S. market performance model mooted

    Don't expect an official confirmation from BMW for another week, but some of the automaker's anticipated updates to its 2011 E92/E93 (3 Series Coupe/3 Series Convertible) have already leaked into cyberspace. The team over at Bimmerfile is reporting that the exterior of both models will receive ...

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    VIDEO: V10-powered E30 M3 vs. V8-powered E92 M3

    E30 M3 V10 vs. V8-powered E92 M3 -- Click above to view the video after the jump
    Ah, the Swedes, with their eye for tuning and their wide open spaces to run in. A gent named Johan stuck an M-Division S85 V10 in an E30 M3, and the results look nothing short of devastating. No surprise when you add ...

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    REPORT: BMW cancels development of E92 M3 CSL

    There were around 1,400 examples of the BMW e46 M3 CSL built, and by all accounts they were exceptionally well received. However, according to Ludwig Willisch, the boss of the automaker's M division, the current e92 M3 won't get the same treatment. He – or perhaps the accountants – feel ...

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    VIDEO: CGI be damned! Inside the BMW M3's V8

    Click above to view the BMW M3 ad.Ever since Industrial Light and Magic dropped Jurassic Park onto the scene, it's rare to see a movie, TV show or advertisement that doesn't involve some form of CGI. It's amazing what can be done by a handful of programmers and a case of RedBull, but something gets ...

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    Getting greasy with BMW's M Dual Clutch transmission

    click above for more high-res images of the BMW M3 ConvertibleHonestly, we couldn't care less about BMW's recent introduction of the M3 convertible. What did get our attention is the long-awaited addition of a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox on every vehicle donning an M3 badge.The M DKG setup uses ...

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    Detroit 2008: BMW announces M3 pricing

    Click the image above for plenty of high-res pics.If you've got a hankering for a V8-powered, carbon fiber-roofed über 3-series, BMW has finally named its price for the M3 coupe and sedan. $57,275 will buy you entry into the M3 Coupe, and bargain hunters willing to settle for an extra pair of ...

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    Essen Motor Show preview: AC Schnitzer BMW E92 M3

    The Essen Motor Show in Germany has become one of the major outlets for Europe's aftermarket tuners to show their wares to a dedicated fan base. Among the many models set to make their modified debut in the land of schnitzel and spatzel is the AC Schnitzer BMW E92 M3.Details are scarce on what's ...

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    SEMA 2007 Spotlight: Making it stick like snot with Hotchkis

    When it comes to comprehensive suspension tuning, Hotchkis has established itself as a premium player for both domestic and imported performance rides. Their WRX sway bars have proven to be some of the strongest and lightest on the market (not to mention three-way adjustable), and they've ...

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    Dutch fuzz get an E92 BMW M3 Coupe

    Click image for galleryDutch speeders take note: the police have a new weapon in which to chase you down and write you tickets. And with its 420-horsepower V8, it's more than capable as a pursuit vehicle. The car, of course, is the new 2008 BMW M3, and if the burnout shot at right is any ...

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    BMW debuting dual-clutch gearbox in M3 sedan

    The expansion of BMW's M3 lineup is expected to take place sooner than we anticipated, and a new version of the Bavarian bomber will finally put the oft-maligned sequential gearbox to rest. According to Auto Telegraaf, BMW will be debuting the M3 sedan at a major Stateside auto show, likely L.A. or ...

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    Spy Shots: BMW M3 CSL testing?

    Our friend Jason tipped us off to several photos at, purportedly showing a prototype of the E92 M3 CSL making the rounds at the 'Ring. While we're not entirely convinced that this particular mule is the CSL, some cues, like the ducktail spoiler and what appears to be a wider track, make ...

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    BMW plans to sell 100,000 M3s

    click above image to view a gallery of the new BMW M3 Since its creation, nearly everything about the M3 -- cylinders, horsepower, weight, price, you name it -- has grown. The 2,866-lb, 4-cylinder, 192-hp E30 M3 cost a little more than $30,000 dollars when it was new, and sold 18,000 units. The ...

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    VIDEO: More 2008 BMW M3 vids

    Yes, it's another E92 post. This sweet new M3 keeps popping up in photos and videos, and we feel compelled to share. We know some of you are a bit disappointed in the looks (and specs) of this newest version, but seeing (and hearing) it in action might change more than a few minds. It's not pushed ...

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    Production BMW M3 revealed

    Click image for photo galleryThe car won't go on sale until the middle of next year in the States, but we have a seemingly insatiable appetite for any information about BMW's 4th generation M3. Spy photos, technical tidbits, rumors, and whatnot have all been featured on this site, but now we have ...

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    BMW M3 featured in Feb. issue of CAR

    The February issue of CAR Magazine based in the U.K. isn't set to go on newsstands until January 3rd. The cover, however, which reveals what appears to be an official shot of the new BMW E92 M3 rear end, is already up on the buff book's website, while pages of the accompanying article are being ...

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    BMW M3 sedan to get coupe front end

    While sightings of the upcoming BMW M3 Coupe have been near prolific, glimpses of Bavaria's bomber in sedan form have been harder to come by. We found one for you back in July, but that mule hardly told us anything about what the M3 Sedan would look like since it was wearing the stock front clip of ...

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    AC Schnitzer E92 3-Series Coupe pic surfaces

    click on image to enlargeAC Schnitzer is one of the premier BMW tuning houses in the world, so it is with great anticipation the Bimmer crowd has been waiting to see what the company has up its sleeve for the E92 BMW 3-Series Coupe. While we don't have official word from AC Schnitzer yet, we do ...


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