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    Report: BMW planning Zhi Nuo Chinese sub-brand, may export models

    Automakers continue to pour big money into the developing market that is China, and new sub-brands born of joint ventures with domestic partners crop up on what seems like a weekly basis. The latest? According to reports, BMW and its Chinese ally Brilliance are forming a new sub-brand called Zhi ...

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    Report: BMW 3 Series production to end in October, next-gen model coming in spring 2012

    Production of the current E90 and E92 BMW 3 Series will come to an end for good in October, in preparation for next spring's launch of the all-new F30 3 Series. Before the gas models bow out, the oil-burning 335d will cease production in August. The death of the current 3er makes room for a ...

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    How to 'murder out' your ride for just $120 - in your garage

    Homebrewed BMW vinyl wrap – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Let's say you want to go all Mad Max on your BMW 330i, but aren't quite ready to give your shiny paint that Krylon finish. No worries. As user djaemac over on E90 Post found out, wrapping your car in vinyl isn't as hard as ...

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    Spy Shots: Early BMW 3-Series mule spotted testing

    Global Motors just posted some spy pics of what is believed to be a next-generation BMW 3-Series mule. The taped up rear and chunky fender flares distinguish it from a stock 3. If you're scratching your head thinking we just got a new 3-Series from the Bavarians, you're right. The E90 debuted in ...

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    BMW working on M3 CSL with 470 hp

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the 2008 BMW M3.The rumormongers at AutoZeitung are reporting that BMW plans to unveil a stripped-out, track-ready M3 at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show. The E90-based M3 CSL will use many of the same tricks BMW employed on the E46 model in an effort to shave the ...

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    Spy shots: Facelifted BMW 3-series

    Now that all of its siblings have been introduced over the past two years, the plain Jane BMW 3-Series sedan has slipped off for a nip/tuck rejuvenation session. Not much will change, but the car is expected to get new headlights with more prominent "angel eyes," a higher hood, LED tail lights, and ...

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    Spy Shots: BMW 3-Series sedan facelift

    E90Post has several spy shots up that show the facelifted 3-Series sedan due around a year from now as an '09 model. While the car is still wearing camo, some things immediately jump out, like the more rounded grilles and sportier-looking lower front fascia. If you click through to the thread, ...

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    Autoblog Gets Schooled: Part Two

    Think back to your first time hitting black ice. Remember that surge of adrenaline? That sensation of impending doom and the all-encompassing focus you seemed to gain as the world slowed around you? Now imagine that experience, and all the accompanying sensations, drawn out for 20 minutes. That's ...

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    BMW M3 sedan to get coupe front end

    While sightings of the upcoming BMW M3 Coupe have been near prolific, glimpses of Bavaria's bomber in sedan form have been harder to come by. We found one for you back in July, but that mule hardly told us anything about what the M3 Sedan would look like since it was wearing the stock front clip of ...

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    A better BMW? E90 3-Series G3 by G-POWER

    How do you improve on a car as good as the E90 BMW 3-Series? There are several tuners in the aftermarket that would be happy to take your money. Some are better than others; G-POWER is one of the best. When it comes to BMW tuning, G-POWER customers benefit from the wealth of experience it has ...

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    Autoblog Night Watch: BMW 3-Series retrospective

    The BMW 3-series has been the benchmark sports sedan for over three decades. We're not obsessive Bimmer-philes, but we know a good thing when we drive it and it's a rare occasion when we're let down by BMW's smallest sedan. This 22 minute PR-ified exploration of the 3-series, traces its origins, ...


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