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e39 m5

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    Another One From the Vault: BMW E39 M5 Wagon

    BMW E39 M5 Touring - Click above image for hi-res gallery
    It seems to be raining apocryphal BMW M cars that have been sitting in cold storage. And in a way, it has! On Thursday, we saw the mind-boggling, hyper-cool E34 M5 Convertible that BMW stashed away for twenty long years. Today's car isn't ...

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    REPORT: BMW builds E34 M5 Convertible, keeps it secret for 20 long years

    BMW E34 M5 Convertible - Click above image for high-res gallery
    Amongst M Division cognoscenti there rages an eternal debate concerning what's the best ever BMW M car. To the casual Bavarian-enthusiast the answer is quite simple: E39 M5. However, strong cases can be made for both the E30 M3 and ...

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    Aussies developed BMW with a bed

    Why not? In Australia, Ford sells the F6 Tornado, Pursuit and Super Pursuit under the Ford Performance Vehicle (FPV) banner, hauling ass as well as anything else. BMW doesn't offer anything even close, so what is a Bimmer enthusiast to do when he has to stop at The Home Depot for garden supplies? ...

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    VIDEO: Best Commercial Ever? The E39 BMW M5

    I know it's completely hyperbolic to call something the "best ever," but right now, that's how I feel after watching the television commercial above. It's for the E39 BMW M5, and it does more to communicate the whole point of the car -- in a delightfully clever fashion -- than anything I've seen ...


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