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AddAn electric Comet is about to change public transportation in the Philippines

For decades, the dirty diesel-burning jeepney has been the colorful face of public transportation in the Philippines. That may by about to change, with the introduction of the COMET (City Optimized Managed Electric Transport): a new approach to the traditional system, based around an eighteen-passenger electric vehicle.

AddPhilippines wants 1M EVs by 2020

The say everything is better in the Philippines, and soon that tourist-agency tagline might also apply to traffic on the tropical islands. What is now a somewhat dirty, noisy situation in its larger metro areas could be cleaner and quieter if the goal of one million electric vehicles (EVs) by 2020 is achieved.

AddElectric Jeepneys start testing in the Philippines

When the U.S. military started to leave the Philippines following World War II, they left behind a lot of Jeeps. Over time, Filipinos adapted these Jeeps into Jeepneys, extended Jeep multi-passenger vehicles. New Jeepneys are still being produced and if you've ever been to the Philippines, you've ridden on one of these. Actually, if you've been to the Philippines but haven't paid your 10 or 15 cents for a Jeepney ride, then you really haven't been to the Phillipines.

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