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    Nissan GT-R meets the dyno, a 997 Porsche Turbo and an E92 BMW M3

    It was only a matter of time before the first consumer-owned Nissan GT-R in the U.S. made its way onto a set of dyno rollers. Edmunds Inside Line made the call to Harman Motive, Road Race Engineering (RRE) and Daryl Alison of JSpec Connect to organize a day of data collecting recently for the ...

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    Screw You, Top Gear! - Kenne Bell pumps up the GT500

    click the image above for the galleryHere's Top Gear's cure for their idiot dyno test that proved nothing. As much as we love Top Gear, their derision of the GT500 for producing a "mere" 447 horespower on a chassis dyno is pure BS. A 10-percent loss through the drivetrain is stellar, yet the spin ...


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