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    Video: How to load a commercial dump truck onto a sailboat?

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    Large vehicles like dump trucks travel across oceans, rivers and seas on boats all the time. But typically, the craft that hauls the truck is quite a bit bigger than than the dirt hauler itself. That's just not how they roll in Haiti, though, as ...

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    VIDEO: Fun, frolic and destruction with a dump truck at Detroit's Packard plant

    This dump truck is going to take a dive - Click above to watch the video
    In future Detroit, pushing a junked dump truck out of a fourth floor window at the old Packard plant might result in a swarm of gen-1 Taurus police cars surrounding the building, and, if you're particularly unlucky, ...

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    Dodge to reenter Chassis Cab Market

    The Ram has been absent from the chassis cab market for the last five years, but it’s coming back with a vengeance to capture some of the 90-percent marketshare that's currently owned by Ford and GM. The new commercial Ram truck is a 3500 series chassic cab aimed at the Class 3 market. ...


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