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    Report: There's a reason all crash test dummies were male until last year

    Last year, government regulators made female crash test dummies a mandatory part of crash evaluations for the first time in collision evaluation history. Until then, manufacturers had been content to use dummies patterned after the average American male. Safety advocates have argued for years ...

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    How Ford made vehicles safer with a cadaver's help

    Ford's inflatable seatbelt – Click above for high-res image gallery
    While we're all accustomed to seeing crash test vehicles packed with loveable dummies, the truth is that manufacturers can't always rely on high-tech mannequins to get the information they need. Sometimes, they have to ...

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    GM crash test dummy donated to Smithsonian after 15 years of whiplash

    GM's H50-1 ATD in action – Click above for high-res image gallery
    General Motors has made an unusual donation to the Smithsonian: a crash test dummy. Well, not just any crash test dummy. The company handed over its H50-1 anthromorphic testing device, or ATD, to the museum to help catalog ...

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    Ghastly! Saab may have used human cadavers for safety research

    Vägverket, the Swedish Road Administration, is reporting that General Motors used ten human cadavers for crash research. While it isn't clear which GM vehicle hosted the corpses on their one-way trip into a wall, a spokesman for Vägverket said it was most likely the Saab brand. The ...

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    CarPool Kenny eases you into HOV lane the illegal way

    We're surprised that this gag can be retailed without disclaimers. CarPool Kenny is an inflatable head and torso that is marketed on the premise that you can cruise the carpool lane in passengerless peace, your inflatable pal offering impunity. People have tried this, and many have had their ruse ...


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