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BMW Blog reports that BMW might be working on a dual-clutch transmission for its front-wheel-drive offerings.

There is something very right about a rear-wheel-drive sports sedan with over 500 horsepower and a manual transmission, and yet few vehicles check those boxes quite like the BMW M5. Unfortunately, most M5 buyers prefer to leave their left foot out of the gear-shifting equation, which is leading BMW to lose the manual tranny option altogether in favor of a dual-clutch-only approach.

Dual-clutch transmissions are the current Holy Grail when it comes to transferring horsepower from underhood to the wheels of the car. Nearly every automaker that does serious business around the world offers dual-clutchers, and the ones that don't very likely soon will.

Dual-clutch transmissions are the current Holy Grail when it comes to transferring underhood power to the wheels of the car. Nearly every automaker that does serious business around the world offers DCTs, and the ones that don't very likely soon will.

"Simplify, then add lightness." Those are the famous words spoken by Sir Colin Chapman, the father of Lotus and one of the automotive world's great geniuses. Speaking of genius, the dual-clutch transmission (at a sane price point) is a major step forward. It combines the automaticness of an automatic with the manualness of a manual and the speed of a bullet. The trouble is, dual-clutches are complex and heavy. But what if the company Colin built had their way? What if you could simplify a dual-c

2009 MTM Audi A3 Sportback – Click above for high-res image gallery

2009 Porsche Boxster S with PDK – Click above for high-res image gallery

There's no doubt that there are a lot of advances in powertrain technology that will improve the efficiency of vehicles over the next few years. There are near-term features like direct fuel injection, turbocharging and dual clutch transmissions. Other features like start stop systems and electrification of accessory drives will help too. The problem is these features all add cost to the vehicle. If consumers don't buy vehicles equipped with this kind of technology, there is no net benefit. Erni

We knew already that the 2009 Dodge Journey would be receiving a dual-clutch transmission for overseas markets, but Chrysler has just announced that the '09 Dodge Avenger and 2009 Chrysler Sebring will also offer the tranny. Mated to a 2.0 liter diesel engine, both fuel economy and CO2 emissions will improve by about six-percent. Chrysler's dual-clutch transmission is jointly produced by Getrag. One clutch engages the even ratios while the other operates on the odd. Efficiency is increased due t

Volkswagen announced today that it has produced one million dual-clutch gearboxes, all at the company's Kassel, Germany factory. As we've been writing a lot recently, DSG (VW's name for the boxes) is a way to reduce fuel consumption because they bridge the mechanical efficiency of a manual transmission with an automatic's self-shifting capability.

Over the past three or four days, there have been a lot of rumors running through the tubes of the interwebs about BMW's surprise unveiling of a concept version of the M3 uber-coupe during next week's Geneva motor show. We had been holding off on posting anything about it, but thought that if it does come to fruition, you might like to know in advance.

Any doubt that Volvo, and its parent company Ford, intends to bring a dual-clutch transmission to market has been dispelled. Various sources have confirmed that Volvo plans to offer a DSG in the diesel versions of it S40 and V50 vehicles, beginning in late 2007.

Dual-clutch transmissions are viewed as an improvement over current automatic and auto-manual transmission technologies. Here in the US, we tend to look at the use of the technology by VW as a performance enhancement, primarily. It is a marriage of the directness of a manual transmission with the ease of use of an automatic, while providing quicker shifting than is humanly possible. BorgWarner, the supplier of the dual cluch technology for VW's DSG transmission, is setting its sights on the low-

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