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dual clutch transmission

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    Report: GM files patent for 7-speed DCT, is it headed for Corvette?

    Although a report last year indicated that the seventh-gen Chevrolet Corvette could be getting an eight-speed automatic transmission, it looks like General Motors might have some other plans in mind. General Motors recently filed a patent with the US Patent and Trademark Office for a new ...

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    Read This: Is it time for American carmakers to give up on dual-clutch transmissions? [w/poll]

    Last week, in the midst of Detroit's first days seeking relief in Chapter 9 of the bankruptcy code, Automotive News contributor Larry P. Vellequette penned an editorial suggesting that American car companies raise the white flag on dual clutch transmissions and give up on trying to persuade ...

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    Report: Fiat's new DCT porting over to Chrysler models by 2013

    What did we tell you? It's all about synergy, people. Automakers around the world are aligning themselves into a constricting cadre of corporate groups, all in the aim of sharing resources. So when Fiat, for example, has a winner on its hands – be it a new platform, a new transmission or ...

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    General Motors and SAIC to jointly develop small engine and dual clutch transmission

    General Motors has reached an agreement with one of its primary Chinese partners, Shanghai Automotive Industries Corp. (SAIC), on the joint development of powertrains for small vehicles. GM and SAIC will develop and produce a family of four-cylinder engines ranging from 1.0- to 1.5-liters with ...

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    Double-clutch transmissions graduate to the world of commercial trucks

    Fuso Duonic dual-clutch-transmission – Click above to enlarge
    Dual-clutch transmissions have become increasingly popular in small cars and have even appeared in high-performance machines like the Porsche 911 and Bugatti Veyron. Now, Mitsubishi Fuso has become the first commercial truck ...

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    Ford starts production of six-speed dual clutch PowerShift transmission

    Ford PowerShift transmissions on the line – Click above for high-res image gallery
    The new Ford Fiesta will be the first product vehicle from any of the Detroit automakers to have a dual clutch transmission, and production is starting today. The Ford PowerShift gearboxes are being built at ...

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    Rumormill: 2011 BMW 1 Series to get DCT

    2009 BMW 135i - Click above for updated high-res image gallery
    The BMW obsessives at Bimmerfile supposedly have it on good authority that the 2011 BMW 1 Series will be available with the same seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox fitted to the current Z4 and a handful of Euro-only models. Although a ...

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    Ferrari reportedly hard at work to combat turbo lag

    Try explaining turbocharging to someone who doesn't know cars, and if you do a good job, you're likely to get a reaction something along the lines of, "then why don't they put turbochargers on all cars"? Well, that's a perfectly fair question, and the answer of course is turbo lag. It's one major ...

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    Volkswagen recalls 13,500 DSG-equipped 2009-2010 models over sensor problem

    Anybody who bought a Volkswagen in North America in the past year with a DSG gearbox will want to keep an eye on their mailbox in the coming weeks for a note from the home office in Herndon, Virginia. It seems there is an issue with a temperature sensor in the dual clutch transmission. ...

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    Ford announces 2.0-liter EcoBoost and dual-clutch gearbox for 2010

    Ford Explorer America Concept - Click above for a high-res image gallery
    As reported earlier, Ford used its 2010 model year preview in Dearborn, Michigan to announce the next stage of the company's EcoBoost strategy for North America. The new 2.0-liter EcoBoost four-cylinder will arrive in 2010, ...

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    BMW prefers 8-speed automatic over dual-clutch for volume vehicles

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the 2009 BMW 750i
    In the fierce competition between luxury automakers, every detail is a potential battlefield, including the number of forward ratios in an automatic transmission. Mercedes-Benz struck first with its seven-speed automatic, which prompted ...

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    Audi S3 and S3 Sportback get S tronic dual-clutch trannies

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the Audi S3 Sportback
    Audi's five-door S3 and its Sportback sibling will now be able to benefit from the S tronic dual-clutch transmission. Mated to the 2.0-liter TSFI, you'll seamlessly shift from first all the way to sixth, with 265 hp on tap and 258 lb-ft. ...

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    Getrag's U.S. transmission plant files for CH11 after Chrysler pull-out

    The roundabout that was the Chrysler, LLC-Getrag partnership recently came to an end with Chrysler pulling out the deal, citing untenable financing terms. Now Getrag Transmission Manufacturing, the U.S. company that was going to build the dual-clutch transmissions for Chrysler, has filed for ...

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    Audi Q5 getting 7-speed DSG, Porsche variant on the horizon, again

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the Audi Quattro Coupe Concept.The Audi Q5 will reportedly make its official debut at the Bejing Motor Show next month and with Porsche's increased stake in the Volkswagen group – going from 31-percent to more than 50-percent – that means that VAG ...

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    Chrysler halts construction of dual-clutch transmission plant

    Construction of the $530 million dollar plant being built by Chrysler and Getrag in Kokomo, Indiana, has been suspended indefinitely due to a contract dispute between the two companies. Neither Chrysler nor Getrag were willing to specify the exact reason for the stoppage, the only word from ...

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    VW introduces 7-speed DSG on Euro Golf and Golf Plus

    Volkswagen's dual-clutch gearbox (DSG) has proven that a balance can be struck between driver involvement and running the daily slog without a cramped left leg, with a bump in fuel economy to boot. As reported earlier this year, VW has plans to introduce another cog onto its six-speed DSG unit, ...

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    Roadgoing Porsches may finally get dual clutch gearboxes

    The dual-clutch gearbox was originally conceived back in the 1930s by half-track inventor Adolphe Kégresse, but its first practical application didn't appear until nearly six decades later in the back end of some Porsche 956 and 962 race cars and some Audi rally cars. For whatever reason, ...

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    Volvo, Ford will get their own DSG

    Whatever stance you take in the automatic versus manual debate, if you haven't done so already, go out and sample a VW or Audi product equipped with the DSG transmission. All the positives – quicker shifts, better fuel economy, geek-cred – far outweigh the negatives and the fact that ...

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    Chrysler developing dual-clutch tranny for FWD vehicles

    The dual-clutch gearbox's popularity has grown immensely over the past three years and that popularity only stands to grow. Average motorists have enjoyed the DSG's smooth shifting and economical fuel consumption, while enthusiasts appreciate the trick technology and uber-quick gear changes. ...

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    Bosch and Getrag team up for hybrid systems

    The Bosch Group and the Getrag Group announced Tuesday that they will partner to develop and market parallel hybrid systems to provide a near-turnkey hybrid solution to automakers.In a parallel hybrid solution, the electric motor is fitted directly into the power flow of the drivetrain. Under the ...


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