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Amp Holdings, a company actively engaged in converting conventional vehicles over to battery-electric drive, has signed a deal to modify three of DTE Energy's gas-burning SUVs. This time around, Amp will tackle a trio of Saturn Vues, ripping out the unnecessary gasoline engine and its associated hardware and dropping in the company's exclusive modular electric powertrain in its place. The Amp'd DTE Energy Vues boast a claimed range of up to 150 miles and offer drivers the option to recharge via


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Ford's CEO Alan Mulally took hope a tidy $13.57 million compensation package for his work in 2008, While that's a handsome sum, it represents a 37 percent cut of the $21.67 million he took home in 2007 – and that's before the ex-Boeing exec takes an additional 30 percent haircut for 2009. By comparison, General Motors' CEO Rick Wagoner and Chrysler's Bob Nardelli are slated to have salaries of $1 each, although both automakers have already received $17.4 billion in federal loans.

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