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    Volvo, Ford will get their own DSG

    Whatever stance you take in the automatic versus manual debate, if you haven't done so already, go out and sample a VW or Audi product equipped with the DSG transmission. All the positives – quicker shifts, better fuel economy, geek-cred – far outweigh the negatives and the fact that ...

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    Low-cost dual-clutch tranny, on the way

    Dual-clutch transmissions are viewed as an improvement over current automatic and auto-manual transmission technologies. Here in the US, we tend to look at the use of the technology by VW as a performance enhancement, primarily. It is a marriage of the directness of a manual transmission with the ...

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    Audi officially unveils the TT Roadster

    click image to enlarge Finally! Audi has unveiled the Roadster variations of the Audi TT, which comes in two packages: the top-of-the-line 3.2L V6 TT equipped with quattro AWD and puts out 250 hp, and a FWD 2.0L TFSI base model producing 200 hp. Both models come available with six-speed manual ...

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    Chrysler developing dual-clutch tranny for FWD vehicles

    The dual-clutch gearbox's popularity has grown immensely over the past three years and that popularity only stands to grow. Average motorists have enjoyed the DSG's smooth shifting and economical fuel consumption, while enthusiasts appreciate the trick technology and uber-quick gear changes. ...

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    Paris Motor Show: Volkswagen CrossGolf

    On Tuesday, we brought you the initial details on the new VW CrossGolf, which made its debut in Paris yesterday. Autoblogger Eric Bryant snapped some pictures of the neat-looking veedub and forwarded along the official info from Volkswagen. First things first: while the CrossGolf goes for a ...

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    Paris Motor Show: Volkswagen Touran

    Autoblog's Eric Bryant checked out the new VW Touran for us in Paris, and was impressed by the fact that the MPV is available with the DSG gearbox. The slick tranny is standard equipment on vans powered by the 170 PS 1.4 TSI, and is optional on all other TSI and TDI-powered Tourans. The ...

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    Aston V8 Vantage gets flappy paddles

    According to AutoExpress' sources, Aston Martin will be debuting a six-speed, automated, manual gearbox for its V8 Vantage at the Paris Motor Show. The clutchless setup allows for quick up/down shifts, via steering wheel-mounted paddles, and also a fully automatic mode for sedate cruising.The new ...

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    EVO X to get double-clutch gearbox

    Soon Volkswagen won't be the only automaker with a dual-clutch transmission on the market. Word from British auto mag CAR is that Mitsubishi will fit its upcoming EVO X super sedan with a similar six-speed transmission that employs two clutches. The transmission simultaneously allows one clutch to ...

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    Sneak peek at upcoming Audi S3

    Information about the upcoming Audi S3 is sketchy at this point, but a photo of Audi's newest S has found its way onto a Spanish-language buff book. Per usual, speculation is rampant, but a few technical facts have made their way into the webiverse over the past two days.The S3 will more than ...

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    Sibling Rivalry in the Autoblog Garage Day 5

    2006 Audi A3 2.0T and 2006 Volkswagen GTIThe Audi A3 2.0T and Volkswagen GTI are like identical twins separated at birth. When they finally come together we see they both look different and are good at different things, but there's a discernible link between the two that can't be denied. In this ...

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    VW to replace all automatics with DSG?

    Volkwagen's Direct Shift Gearbox/S-Tronic twin clutch gearbox has been fairly canonized by all who have mashed its paddles. And now, the automaker's product chief Wolfgang Bernhard is suggesting that the gearbox will replace all of its conventional automatics in much of the VW kingdom shortly, ...

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    AutoCar heaps praise upon new Audi TT driving experience

    AutoCar has driven the new Audi TT, and proclaimed it to be a genuine Porsche Cayman S rival. With a combination of sharpened responses, reduced weight, improved power and the availability of the improved S-Tronic dual-clutch gearbox, the magazine indicates that the four-ringed fashion statement ...

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    Volkswagen snags three Fleet World Honours

    Fleet World magazine recently awarded automaker Volkswagen three of its Fleet World Honours for 2006: Fleet Manufacturer of the Year, Technology, and Best Diesel Range. The judges had selected VW for Fleet Manufacturer because of its model range and high level of service even with increasing ...

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    Esquire magazine picks its '10 Most Awesome Autos'

    As Esquire magazine appears to have forgotten to post its "10 Most Awesome Autos" feature from its May issue online, Terry Box at the Dallas Morning News has been kind enough to accommodate list fanatics. The men's magazine actually made a pretty good show of picking its 10 favorite cars ...


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