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drunken driving

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    Report: Deportations due to drunk driving and traffic violations escalate dramatically

    There are a few key ways for an illegal immigrant to get deported. Anything to do with making or selling drugs is the number one way to get kicked out of the country, with 45,003 cases in the last fiscal year alone. That's up nearly one third from 2008, but drug offenses may not be number one for ...

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    Report: Congress mulling in-car alcohol detectors [w/poll]

    The New York Times reports that the U.S. Congress is considering a six-fold increase in the annual funding of in-car devices to detect drunk drivers. The Driver Alcohol Detection System for Safety program's budget would increase from $2 million per year to $12 million for the next five years, ...

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    PopSci grapples with age-old question of what is worse: driving drunk or stoned

    Impaired driving kills thousands of motorists each year, and ad campaigns and increased police enforcement have done little to stop it from happening. When we say "impaired driving," most think about alcohol. But marijuana usage prior to getting behind the wheel can be just as dangerous. Professors ...

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    When are the most dangerous times to be on the road?

    Automobiles have become safer over the years, yet every time you get in a car, you're rolling the Reaper's dice. On average, 110 people die on the road each and every day. While many accident fatalities can be attributed to drinking and driving, not wearing a safety belt or reckless driving, some ...


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