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    Driver uses snake to evade police

    Maybe blaming a dead guy for your speeding isn't so strange after all. Especially when you see what other drivers are doing in Australia to get out of tickets. One Aussie driver recently pulled a snake on his arresting officers. Apparently drunk, he was pulled over for swerving and was found to ...

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    Eriksson pleads guilty to drunk driving, but that's it

    After turning down a plea deal that would have resulted in his serving just 28 months in jail, Bo Stefan Eriksson pleaded no contest in L.A. Superior Court today. The charge he was addressing however, was not grand theft, embezzlement or the firearms possession charges he still faces, but rather ...

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    Saab ready to field test the AlcoKey

    We reported a long while back about Saab's plan to sharply reduce the number of drunk driving cases involving its own vehicles in Sweden and abroad. Called the AlcoKey, this small cell phone size device is basically a breathalyzer with a radio transmitter that tells your Saab whether or not you're ...

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    Nissan developing drink-and-drive proof vehicles

    According to recent reports, Nissan is developing an ignition interlock that would deter intoxicated individuals from starting their cars and possibly causing great bodily harm to themselves or innocent bystanders should they drive drunk. Several recent high-profile, alcohol-related accidents and ...


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