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drunk driving

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    Video: Wedding gone wrong? Instead of dangling cans behind car, drunk drags vending machine

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    We don't know about you, but we're a bit tired of the dangling cans trailing the wedding limo – however, even we know this isn't the answer. Judging by this video, one (apparently intoxicated) gentleman thinks the tradition needs to go a step ...

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    VIDEO: Self-policing Wisconsin woman calls 911, turns herself in for drunk driving

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    Here at Autoblog, we definitely don't condone drunk driving. But we have to admit it is a bit of a tricky thing. How are you supposed to tell if you're drunk if your judgment is already impaired? Well, one woman clearly could tell that at least ...

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    REPORT: Police auctioning off motorized La-Z-Boy used in DWI

    If you've ever had the urge to cruise your neighborhood in a self-propelled La-Z-Boy, your opportunity has arrived. Minnesota resident Dennis Anderson (no relation to the Gravedigger monster truck franchise – we think) has forfeited his notorious motorized, and over-the-top modified, recliner ...

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    NHTSA: Drunk driving is down, but 16.3% of nighttime drivers are on drugs

    Recently, the U.K. began to consider a law that would address drivers under the influence of drugs, and was looking at using a device that would act like a breathalyzer for narcotics instead of alcohol. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration might want to make the same recommendation ...

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    10-year-old crashes van while driving drunk parents home

    Reality shows and the Internet have not created a more ridiculous world, they have only promoted the outrageous things that are already going on. You're a dad in Tennessee who's had 15 brewskies and an unknown quantity of other liquor, your female company is under the influence of something and has ...

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    Drowsy driving is equal to drunk driving

    Around Memorial Day, the chances are good that either you or somebody that you are sharing the road with today has been out and about, spending the day with family or just enjoying their time off. There have surely been many hours spent behind the wheel for drivers across the country. Hopefully, ...

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    Nissan shows off concept with integrated anti-DUI tech

    Click image for photo galleryYou might remember reading about Nissan piloting an in-car breathalyzer system as well as adding a drunk driving message to its cars' nav welcome screens. It turns out, the company is looking at a more comprehensive approach to anti-drunk driving technology integration. ...

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    11-year-old charged with DUI

    Last week in Orange Beach, Ala., a police officer spotted a speeding Monte Carlo, threw on the blue lights and started an 8-mile, 100-mph chase that ended with the Monte upside down.With his gun drawn, the officer says he approached the car to find an 11-year-old girl behind the wheel. Sorry, an ...

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    JDM Nissan Navi tells drivers to behave

    It's very a very HAL 9000 move, having your vehicle admonish you to not drive after drinking, but that's just what the latest version of Nissan's Carwings navigation system for the Japanese market will do. Between the hours of 5:30 PM and 5:00 AM, the navigation system displays "Do not drive after ...

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    UK considers lowering its drink-drive limit

    According to recent statistics in the UK, there has been an increase in alcohol-related automotive fatalities, causing British legislators to rethink the legally accepted level of alcohol found in the bloodstream. Currently, drivers are cited for drunk drink driving if they have 80 mg of alcohol in ...

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    Diet driving: Low-calorie diet produces false positives for alcohol

    Swedish researchers have discovered that a low-calorie diet can register a false positive on certain in-car ignition interlock devices that disable a vehicle if alcohol is detected on one's breath. The anomaly was discovered when a non-drinking airplane pilot reported the incident. Turns out the ...

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    Talking urinal cake's anti-DWI message: "Hey there, big guy. Having a few drinks?"

    Of course, just like any sane person would be, we at Autoblog are totally against drunk driving. There have been a few technological nannies cropping up of late lately to help combat the problem, including breathalyzers mounted in vehicles that are wired to the ignition circuit. Thise devices won't ...

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    Cops black flag Little Al! Unser Jr. arrested for DUI

    Uh-oh. Little Al is in trouble again. AP is reporting that Al Unser Jr. is under arrest and facing DUI charges after leaving the scene of an accident on the Las Vegas Beltway. He was ID'd as the driver of a car that sideswiped another car around 11 Thursday morning. Unser's car didn't have much ...

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    Toyota's sweat-sensing steering wheel will thwart drunk drivers

    A few months ago we told you of Nissan's plans to test an ignition interlock that would stop intoxicated would-be drivers from starting their cars. Several recent high-profile, alcohol-related accidents and fatalities in Japan have brought drunk driving to the forefront of lawmakers' minds, and ...

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    Drunk German motorist offers police aid, promptly arrested

    Imagine you're motoring along and you see a fellow motorist stuck by the side of the road. You think about just driving on, but something about the scene grabs you and you decide to pull over to lend some assistance. You jump out and rush over to see if you can help, and you promptly find yourself ...

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    Driver uses snake to evade police

    Maybe blaming a dead guy for your speeding isn't so strange after all. Especially when you see what other drivers are doing in Australia to get out of tickets. One Aussie driver recently pulled a snake on his arresting officers. Apparently drunk, he was pulled over for swerving and was found to ...

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    Eriksson pleads guilty to drunk driving, but that's it

    After turning down a plea deal that would have resulted in his serving just 28 months in jail, Bo Stefan Eriksson pleaded no contest in L.A. Superior Court today. The charge he was addressing however, was not grand theft, embezzlement or the firearms possession charges he still faces, but rather ...

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    Saab ready to field test the AlcoKey

    We reported a long while back about Saab's plan to sharply reduce the number of drunk driving cases involving its own vehicles in Sweden and abroad. Called the AlcoKey, this small cell phone size device is basically a breathalyzer with a radio transmitter that tells your Saab whether or not you're ...

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    Nissan developing drink-and-drive proof vehicles

    According to recent reports, Nissan is developing an ignition interlock that would deter intoxicated individuals from starting their cars and possibly causing great bodily harm to themselves or innocent bystanders should they drive drunk. Several recent high-profile, alcohol-related accidents and ...

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    Vehicles get safer, but crash fatalities climb

    While new vehicles continue to sprout ever-increasing numbers of safety features, traffic fatalities still hit a 15-year high in 2005, notching 43,200 fatalities according to a recent release by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA). This represents an increase of 1.2 ...


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