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    Read This: Former Indy 500 Rookie of the Year turned drug trafficker getting early release from prison

    Racing drivers live the fast life, but it's not all glory and fame. That's especially true of Randy Lanier – the former professional racing driver was sentenced in 1988 to life without parole on drug trafficking charges. But now he's being released. Born in Virginia and raised in South ...

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    ETC: This driver injected 15 bags of heroin before crashing, because 'meth is for quitters'

    This shouldn't come as a shock, but heroin is a very, very bad drug. Doing 15 bags of heroin in one day, therefore, is a catastrophically terrible idea, as one Massachusetts man found out by shooting up and then taking his Volkswagen Golf for a spin. According to The Berkshire Eagle, 23-year-old ...

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    Video: Redonkulous Dodge Charger is ridin' high

    We're a bit hazy on the styling of this particular donk, which was recently spotted hashing about by HotCarsTV at the Southern Heritage Classic Car show in Memphis. Sporting a dope paint job and some wheels that make a blunt statement about what the driver enjoys, it's a unique take on the ...

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    Video: Watch Brazilian police ram a drug plane with their car to prevent takeoff

    After watching this video of Brazilian police ramming a suspected drug-smuggling plane with their car to prevent it from taking off, I've realized that Hollywood has once again lied to me. My last exposure to Brazilian law enforcement was courtesy of their portrayal in 2011's Fast Five, in which ...

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    Woman unknowingly smuggles pot over border beneath her car

    We've seen very creative ways to smuggle drugs across a border with a motorized vehicle (including faux rally trucks) but most don't involve innocent citizens. Giving all of us yet another reason to peer beneath our rides before we travel, innovative Mexican smugglers recently used powerful ...

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    Report: Suspended Allmendinger says he failed drug test because he popped acquaintance's pill

    Suspended NASCAR driver AJ Allmendinger claims he was given the pill that led to his suspension by a friend of a friend, in a Fox Sports report. Allmendinger says he was out with a "buddy" following several sponsor commitments, and revealed to his friend that he was not sleeping well. ...

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    Study: You're more likely to be poisoned to death than die in a car crash

    Car crashes kill thousands of Americans every year. In fact, in 2010 alone 32,885 vehicle occupants died as a result of an accident. In the past, auto accidents held the top spot in injury deaths here in the U.S., but that statistic has changed. The New York Times reports that a study by the ...

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    Report: Mexican police seize armored F-350 'narco tank' with machine gun turret

    If you saw this gussied-up Ford F-350 in the U.S., you'd probably look around for a film set and production signs for Death Race 4000 – or at least the camera crew from Storm Chasers. South of the border, however, these "narco tanks" aren't film fantasies – they're wheeled ...

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    More Chrysler factory workers caught enjoying "the plant" at Jefferson North

    What is it about working at the Chrysler Jefferson North facility (pictured above) that drives employees to get high? Controversy has bubbled up again in the form of a new report of auto workers at the factory smoking pot during their lunch break. The last report came in September 2010 when a ...

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    NHTSA reports drug involvement in fatal crashes has risen

    The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration has revealed that the number of fatal traffic incidents in which drugs were found to be present in the driver's system has increased over the past four years. In 2005, 15,363 drivers fatally injured during a traffic incident were tested ...

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    Report: Dakar imposters busted with 800+ kilos of cocaine in faux rally truck

    Smugglers are, by nature, a crafty bunch. Slaves to the market forces of supply and demand, drug runners risk liberty and limb to pedal their life-ruining wares around the world. Doing so requires a healthy helping of creativity, so it should come as no surprise that an Ibiza-based drug ring ...

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    NHTSA: Drunk driving is down, but 16.3% of nighttime drivers are on drugs

    Recently, the U.K. began to consider a law that would address drivers under the influence of drugs, and was looking at using a device that would act like a breathalyzer for narcotics instead of alcohol. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration might want to make the same recommendation ...

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    Drive-thru X-Ray machine made for cars, bomb-sniffing dogs upset

    The U.S./Mexican border at San Ysidro, California, is one busy place. In 2005 alone, more than 17 million cars and 50 million people passed through -- making it the world's busiest land border crossing. In an effort to speed things up, officials have unveiled a drive-through X-ray machine. From ...

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    10-year-old crashes van while driving drunk parents home

    Reality shows and the Internet have not created a more ridiculous world, they have only promoted the outrageous things that are already going on. You're a dad in Tennessee who's had 15 brewskies and an unknown quantity of other liquor, your female company is under the influence of something and has ...

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    NASCAR to "crack" down on drugs with random testing in 2009

    Moonshine may be the poison historically associated with NASCAR, but when Craftsman Truck Series racing driver Aaron Fike was arrested for heroin possession over a year ago, it opened a whole new can of worms for the racing league. After getting himself suspended from racing, Fike admitted he had ...

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    Chinese authorities bring out the drug-sniffing dogs for Mazda Taiki

    So you're a customs officer in Beijing, and out of the trailer you're inspecting is hauled a... a what? The Japanese people who have accompanied it, who claim to be from Mazda, also claim that it's a concept car. Frankly, it could also be a submarine, or it might eat people -- or it could be an ...

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    The BUSTang: Hottest D.A.R.E. car in the country

    Free Video Hosting Watch More Videos If you're young enough to have lived through this country's War on Drugs while attending grade school, you no doubt remember annual visits from your local police department to intimidate ...


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