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A team of chemists at Washington State University is working with Chemring on a drugalyzer than can detect the amount of marijuana in the bloodstream.

Thanks to the UK's Home Office approving a "drugalyzer" kit last month, roadside drug testing began over the Christmas holiday last year and will be introduced throughout England and Wales this year.

It's taken three years but the Great Britain is finally ready to introduce laws to make driving while impaired by illegal and legal drugs against the law. While Britain's Home Office waitied for approval of a mobile drug-testing unit – currently drug testing is done at the police station – ministers have been working on the details of the law to fall under the Crime, Communications and Court Bill.

According to the UK Telegraph, Britain's government is no longer willing to let those who have illegal drugs in their system slip through any more checkpoints. It has let the Department of Transportation know that it is looking at creating a new law that would ensnare anyone with illegal drugs in their systems, as well as those whose driving is impaired by using legal, medicinal drugs such as sleeping pills.

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