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driving shoes

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    ETC: Smart driving shoes provide Bluetooth-connected haptic feedback [w/video]

    A purist driver's car is all about the feedback it provides: what the front wheels are doing through the steering wheel, how the gears are meshing through the shift lever, how the brakes are gripping through the middle pedal, how much traction you have through the seat.... Generally electronic ...

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    Exclusive: Piloti back on track with new owner Canadian Tire, new shoes

    A longtime favorite of racing drivers, enthusiasts and automotive journalists alike, Piloti emerged in 1999 to provide a unique line of driving shoes for both on-track use and off. Yet despite their popularity in the automotive marketplace, the brand disappeared a couple of years ago after the ...

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    Official: Aston Martin teams with John Lobb for special driving shoes

    The right occasion calls for the right footwear. Aston Martin figures its customers should have the right shoes to drive their GTs, so the British automaker has collaborated with the shoemakers at John Lobb on a special collection of driving shoes. Called Winner Sport, the shoes are made of ...

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    Citroën puts its foot down with DS3 Racing shoes

    Power is nothing without control. That's what Pirelli told us with the famous image of the sprinter in the high-heeled shoes a couple of decades ago. And they were right. Because while some have been known to drive supercars in flip-flops, any racing driver will tell you that you need a proper ...

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    Santoni crafts driving shoes for the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG

    Santoni driving shoes for Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Driving a supercar upside down in a tunnel requires some fancy footwork, even if there isn't a clutch pedal to manipulate. Fortunately the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG has got the right footwear thanks to a ...

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    Well Heeled: Ferrari and Tod's team up for driving mocs

    Tod's for Ferrari – Click above for image gallery
    Tod's driving loafers and Ferraris go together like gin and vermouth, if not because every barchetta-driving playboy on the Amalfi Coast is sporting a pair, then because Ferrari's longtime chairman Luca di Montezemolo also sits on the board ...

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    Sniff & Shift: Porsche Design completes the package with new scent, driving shoes

    Porsche Design driving shoes (above) and fragrance (below right) – Click for high-res image galleries
    We've all seen people stepping out of exquisite sports cars dressed like total slobs, and the whole image thing just goes up in a cloud of smoke. Porsche Design seems to have made it its ...

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    Piloti branches into motorcycle boots with Moto 800

    California-based Piloti Inc. has earned a solid reputation among enthusiasts for their driving shoes, combining a comfortable fit with fashionable styling, everyday wearablity and optimal heel-and-toe shifting. Now the company is ambitiously expanding into the motorcycle market with its new Moto ...

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    In the Autoblog Garage Closet: Michelin MXV4 driving shoes

    After making tires for more than 110 years, we guess the folks over at Michelin got bored one day and started looking at what else was made of rubber. We can imagine what products might have been considered, but as fun as Michelin-branded, tire-tread imitating prophylactics might have been, more ...


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