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driving safety

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    Report: FL man arrested for protesting red light cameras

    A Florida man was placed under arrest on Saturday morning in the city of Apopka, for what local police are calling obstruction of an officer without violence and a "pedestrian violation." As this is Florida, you'd be forgiven for thinking it was something insane. Rather, he was protesting his ...

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    Study: And the worst backseat drivers are...

    Nobody likes a backseat driver. We don't need a study to tell us that we, as licensed pilots of two-plus-ton vehicular machines, don't enjoy commentary from the back seat, the passenger seat, or any other seat telling us to slow down, take the next left or asking us to fiddle with the stereo. We ...

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    Official: Mandated collision avoidance technology makes NTSB's Most Wanted List

    Lane departure warning and collision avoidance systems have largely been the province of upscale automakers or the range-topping trims in volume models, but that's beginning to change. Apparently, however, the National Transportation Safety Board feels that such safety features should not be the ...

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    Report: New Jersey adds "road rage" kicker to traffic violations

    A Carnegie Mellon paper gauges that it would take 76 days to read all of the privacy policies for the companies you deal with, and that's before you get to the terms and conditions and other small prints. Judging how quickly states are adding new laws to their driving codes and swapping ...

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    Official: DOT proposes distracted driving guidelines for automakers

    Distracted driving is a topic that's on everybody's minds these days, and for good reason. Every new car and truck sold today is packed with more technology than every before, from touchscreen LCDs that offer myriad audio and infotainment options to voice-controlled applications and various forms ...

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    Video: GoSmart automotive smartphone accessory is ironically named

    In a world chock-full of bad ideas, the makers of the GoSmart Clip have found a way to stand out. The device is actually quite simple in form. It's a plastic phone holder that clips onto many smartphones, and utilizes an elastic strap to adhere itself to the steering wheel. The device retails ...

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    Study: Making roads safer has led to bored, risk-taking drivers

    A new study from researchers in Australia may have dug up one of the reasons why drivers exceed the speed limit on their way to work. According to the Toronto Sun, a new study has found that drivers who are bored behind the wheel are more likely to put the right pedal to the floor. Researchers at ...

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    Study: Kids are the biggest driver distraction

    OK, anyone with kids probably said the same thing we did after reading the headline, "Duh." We hope LV, a British insurance company, didn't pay much for this study, which says distractions from kids cause even more accidents than mobile phones. They could have asked almost anyone with children ...


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